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Mistress Ann

Questions with Characters Pryderi Love Bites

Thank you so much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Pryderi. I live in Wales, but not with humans.

Tell us who you are and what you do!

I am a Watcher. I help guard the clan.

Are you the main character in the story or a supporting role?

Oh no, I am Kiera’s mate. She is the star of the book. I just help her. She’s amazing, and has much more magick than me.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Watcher. I help guard the clan.

How old are you?

It is hard to say. We age differently from humans. I have lived  125 years, but am like your 25 year old.

Tell us about your story. What is it about and what role do you play?

Love Bites is about Kiera really. She is unusual. I accidentally brought about her change. I did not mean to, I swear it. She lived with humans, but now knows about our magickal world. I think it was a shock.

In the second book she has to seek refuge in the fae realm as an enemy seeks revenge.

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?

Apart from my fangs? I have eyes which glow in the dark. They are electric blue in daylight, but glow orange at night. The colour can be different for each clan memeber.

Do you have any birthamarks or tatoos?

I have a clan mark on my uppper arm. Our clan has what Cerys, our witch, calls a Celtic Knot. Three dragon heads are between each knot point. It is black with bits of green.

Would you ever want to go hang out with your author? If so, what would you do together?

Humans are not permitted in clan, and I am not really allowed in her world. Maybe we could jog through the forest together between our worlds.

If you could have a super power what would it be, and why?

My mate has magick. The forest provides. I need nothing more.

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Indie Spotlight Lauren Runow

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I lead a very crazy life. I publish a community magazine with my husband, I run a non-profit science center for kids and I’m a mom of two very active boys so when I’m not writing you’ll find me having to do something with these three things.

When did you start writing?
August of 2014 but I didn’t publish my first book until September 2015.

In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?
I write a lot about the Bay Area in California where I live and I like to include some of my favorite places.

As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?
Oh man… That’s a hard one. There’s been so many ups and many downs. It really is the biggest rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. I can’t think of one big thing but a ton of little things that all worked together to get me where I am today.

What is your favorite part about writing adult contemporary romance and what is your least favorite?
The amazing people I’ve meet from all over the world is hands down my favorite part. My least favorite… all the promo work it takes. Writing the books are the easy part. Getting it ready and in people’s hands is crazy hard!

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FEATURE: Christina Lynn Lambert

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I have loved reading ever since I was a kid, so much so that I liked to make up my own stories. My first story is a romance, with some sci-fi, paranormal, and suspense elements. My style is more gritty than sweet and I look forward to writing many more stories with strong heroines and imperfect but determined characters.
When I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy reading, hiking, running, swimming, and exploring new places. I do not enjoy cooking.

Excerpt from Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures, Book 1)

Sydney sat in the conference room at Brass Cat Advertising, sipping her coffee and wishing the caramel latte could take her to an alternate reality. One where Derrick Porter wasn’t sitting in front of her. His presence had caught her off guard. Sydney took another sip of her coffee as she tried not to stare stupidly, but holy chocolate-covered cherries, the man was hot.

Dark hair and eyebrows made a striking contrast against his strong bone structure and fair skin. His lips, good grief. They looked so soft. Derrick’s long, lean body fit nicely in a suit. The material stretched over his broad shoulders and came in at the waist. He probably had amazing six-pack abs.

When they’d met that Saturday in running group, it hadn’t merely been the fog coupled with Sydney’s exhaustion and two-year streak of celibacy that had made Derrick appear so handsome. Even under the bright lights of the conference room, he was gorgeous. What rotten luck that she couldn’t seem to get away from him.

Great Oaks wasn’t exactly a large city. Eventually, she would have run into Derrick somewhere. Maybe at the store or at some get-together at Carly’s. That wouldn’t have been too bad. She could have dealt with a polite conversation before walking away to catch her breath, pushing Derrick out of her head with every retreating step. On their Saturday-morning runs, Sydney had already planned to wear her earbuds and let her music help her be antisocial.

An ongoing work project was a much worse problem. As it turned out, Derrick knew her boss, Shayla. Only two days after meeting Derrick and trying not to think about the fact that their being partnered at their running group was an obvious setup, Sydney would not have the luxury of ignoring his existence. She ground her teeth.

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How Nielsen BookScan affects your chances of a traditional publishing deal

Personally, I’m a fanatical “all-indie-all-day-long” type (or I’m too lazy to try and get trad published 😂). That said, I always prefer keeping my options open, so when I went to make a paperback version of my books last week, I did a wee bit of research and found this article:

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Reader’s choice

Here’s mine:

I am such an asshole. And Jesus Christ, I had my head shoved so far up my ass that I was actually beginning to taste my own bullshit.


If you’re an author…

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