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Mistress Ann

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Princess Jane

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Awkward much?

Here’s mine:

“You only have one choice in a situation like this.”

How ominous. “There’s a situation?”

“A very dire situation,” she gave a solemn nod, “which I vote you lovebirds remedy sooner rather than later.”


“By making lots of babies.”

I didn’t get the chance to react or respond or even breathe as a scrumptious, fully dressed Cale rolled up beside me and said, cool as a cucumber, “I’m not against that idea.”

Oh. My. God.

They attacked immediately. From all angles and every direction. A relentless swarm of butterflies. An elite army of the vicious little buggers. With machine guns and bazookas and…

“Pancakes or waffles?”

“W-what?” I croaked.

Hey, it’s not easy to speak when you throw up your heart and it gets lodged in your windpipe.


If you’re an author…

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