Indie Spotlight Cheryl R. Lane

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m a medical transcriptionist and I work from home. I work for a local company that finds work for me all over, so I do psychiatric and social work dictations for a group in Wisconsin, and I also do dictations for an orthopedist clinic in Oklahoma. Other than that, I like to walk, exercise, garden, read (of course!), and hang out with my family and friends.

When did you start writing?

I started writing for fun after I graduated high school. I wrote a very rough civil war love story out in my backyard under the maple trees at our picnic table on an old manual typewriter. (That’s how old I am, ha ha.) I never tried to have that book published; it was purely for fun. I then started writing my first real novel, Wellington Cross, in the 1990s but was rejected by publishers, changed it many times, and put it aside for many years until I looked at it again and finally self-published it in 2012.

As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

I think it was probably the first time I received a 5-star review on my book from someone I didn’t know. That gives an author so much self-esteem, unlike anything else…except when you actually get to meet that person. I have a fan who drove three hours to meet me at a book signing I was participating in at a local library – I think that was the ultimate in self-esteem and helped give me the steam to keep writing.

You write both historical Romance and Paranormal romance. Which genre is your favorite and why?

That’s a tough one. I really love both. There are things I like about both genres. With historical romance, I love feeling like I’m back in time and wondering what it was like to live in simpler times. I love imagining what it was like to live on a plantation, and I love history. The hard part about writing historical fiction is all the research. Did they have this or that or did they say this back then? That makes the process longer. As far as the paranormal romance, I have always been interested in supernatural beings, since I first saw the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz movie. I was terrified of her when I was young, and yet I used to walk around and pretend to be her, acting out scenes from the movie. I used to read Little Lulu comic books of my brother’s, too, and my favorite stories were the ones involving witches. It’s a wonder I haven’t written my own witch-themed books yet, ha ha. (I plan to get to that one of these days.) Of course, I’ve loved the Harry Potter book series as well as movies. My son grew up right along with Harry, so that made it special to me. There are countless other books, TV shows, and movies that inspired me to write paranormal, but I started writing my first paranormal novel after reading the first Twilight book. I loved the forbidden love between a human girl and a vampire. I decided to write my own forbidden love story, but instead of vampires, I wanted to use angels. I thought, how cool would it be to fall in love with your guardian angel?

Is it difficult writing two different genres that are so different from each other? Do you ever find yourself wanting to write paranormal in to your historicals accidently? (I totally would hahaha)

For the first question, the way I’ve done it so far is I’ve written 3 of the historical, back to back, then 2 paranormal, then back to do 3 more historical. The reason I did this was because when I wrote the paranormal novels, I decided to tie them back to the Wellingtons from the historical series. Therefore, for the second question, I added a couple of descendants of the Wellington family into the paranormal series. But before I continue book 3 in the paranormal series, I needed to go back to the historical series and add in a new character who would tie in to the third paranormal series. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet. I thought long and hard about combining the series in that way, but I’ve read other books that do this, like Jude Deveraux writing about all the Montgomery’s and Taggert’s and adding in supernatural elements like ghosts. I’ve come up with so many notes and ideas that I think it will be a good story and a lot of unexpected OMG moments, for people who enjoy both series.

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The Silent Treatment

Here’s mine:

“I really am sorry, Mickey.”


“I was wrong.”

Absolutely nothing.

God, she’s so damn stubborn.

It was impossible to keep track of whom the hell I was supposed to be more annoyed at. Our score sheets looked pretty damn even from where I was sitting.

I gave a loud sigh out of sheer frustration and grumbled, “Do you plan on ignoring me all night long?”

Her hands stilled, fingers remaining tangled in my hair. Then she suddenly seized a couple of fistfuls – none-too-gently, might I add – and nearly jerked me clean off the damn shower chair.

Yeah, she did that. I kid you not, she actually fucking did that.

If you’re an author…

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FEATURE: Kate Forest

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Author Kate Forest has worked in a psychiatric hospital, as a dating coach, and spent a disastrous summer selling above-ground swimming pools. But it was her over twenty-year career as a social worker that compelled her to write love stories with characters you don’t typically get to read about. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two kids, and a fierce corgi.

Excerpt from Interior Design and Other Emotions 

The chilly metal seeps through my coat and the green velvet dress that Sarah and I found at a consignment shop. The best thing is that I didn’t spill anything on it, and I can probably sell it back for not much less than what I bought it for.

Chris shoves his hand in his pocket and fishes around for something.

“Gina, we make a good team.”


“I mean we’re good together. I want us to continue to be good together.”

“Why wouldn’t we?”

“I-I…” Chris stands and takes a few paces away from me. “I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Except I love you.” He turns back.

“I love you, too.” I scramble in my head for the right response. I try to pick up on the cues of his body language. Something is troubling him, but his words are positive. If I had years of decoding people and their meaning, I might be able to guess at what he’s trying to say. “Chris, did I do something wrong at the party?”

“No, sweetheart, not at all.” He returns to the bench and takes my mittened hands in his fine-leather-gloved ones. “I’m just trying to say we should spend even more time together. In the future, too.”

“Okay.” I race through all the lessons Jennifer has gone over with me. I pick two or three things that Chris could be hinting at. “Chris, do you want…want me to move in with you?”

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How to give away ARCs

Okay, so confession: I’ve actually never given away a legit ARC. Not a single one. Cuz I’m typically still writing last-minute before release days. But hey, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get my butt in gear and prepare review copies, eh? And it definitely doesn’t mean I don’t wanna share this awesome video with y’all…

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