7 Must-have Qualities for a Book Cover that Sells


I’ve changed my covers a bazillion times. Okay, maybe not quite THAT many but I have actually changed the cover for my first book 8 times (and will likely keep doing it tee hee). If you don’t believe me, go look on Goodreads and you’ll find 6 of the 8 different versions haha! Yeah, I’m clearly not attached to covers at all. I mean, if you guaranteed that a selfie of Mr. Bigglesworth with vomit-colored Papyrus font slapped on top would sell a ton of copies?

I’d totally do it. No questions asked.

Anyhoo, there are varying opinions amongst indies regarding this topic and obviously no one-size-fits-all answer (to anything). That said, I personally found this video very helpful so figured I’d best share it with y’all! It’s pretty lengthy at 40+ minutes but 100% worth the watch, imho.

Yes, I’m obsessed with Derek Murphy. No, not in a creepy stalker way. At least I don’t think so 😉 Hope this helped some!!


Mistress Ann

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