Crack the whip

Here’s mine:

“You still owe me.”

Of course, I did.

“And the debt collector cometh.”

Of course. Removing my tie, I unbuttoned my collar and grumbled, “What do you have in mind, crazy girl?”

“You’re on the right track.”

She’d laid a trap for me. Not only could I sense it in my gut, I could practically see the damn thing looming in the distance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an alternative route to avoid the massive pitfall. “Am I?”

“Mm-hm. You can lose the shirt next.”

The demand took a moment to sink in. “No.”

Settling back into her pillow, she flashed me a smug grin.

No, Mickey.”

“That wasn’t a request, Jeeves.”

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Let’s flash some fiction!

Hellooo, Romance Lovers!

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Mistress Ann

Questions with Characters: Xavier from One

Hellooo, Xavier! Thanks so much for joining us today!! Give us a quick rundown of your story and the role you play.

Thanks for having me. It’s basically the story of how Annabelle and I meet, it’s the start of our journey together, and it’s a pretty rocky start. I kind of accuse her of slaughtering her family *squirms uncomfortably* so its pretty hard to work my way into her good graces after that. I do manage it but only after making things a hundred times worse and almost getting her killed. I think we better move on to the next question before I convince her that dating me is a bad idea.


What surprised you the most about being the main hunk in a romantic suspense novel?

I have to balance my love life with my cop life, and the two cross paths. Often. Makes building a relationship pretty tricky when sometimes it’s hard enough just to keep your girl alive.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the media recently, but you were voted the People’s Choice out of all the Count to Ten heroes. What are your feelings about this? And how do you deal with jealousy from the other male characters?

Hahaha! I think its funny, and kind of cool, makes all those hours at the gym worth it, and Belle thinks it’s pretty awesome, even if she’s too embarrassed to say it out loud. Ryan and Jack keep pestering Jane to take me out of the equation and give them a chance to win. Ryan didn’t say anything but I noticed he’s been spending some time on his hair lately, and Jack stopped snacking on Oreos all day long. *shakes head in amusement*


If they did a film adaptation of the book, who would be cast to play you? Who would be cast to play Annabelle?

Stephen Amell for me, Arrow is my favorite show so that would be kind of cool to see him playing me. And Emma Watson for Annabelle, she kind of has that sweet but strong vibe, just like Belle.

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I’m sorry

Here’s mine:

He buries an agonized sound into my hair and chokes out, “I’m sorry.”

I don’t need to ask what he’s apologizing for.

As a Delta Force operative, there is absolutely zero contact once he deploys. The instant he steps foot out the door, he ceases to exist. He becomes a ghost. I never know when he’ll return home again and if ever he doesn’t…

I will never know why.

There won’t even be a body to bury. He’ll simply vanish into thin air. Gone. Nothing but a distant memory.

He’s apologizing for the past fifty-one days. He’s apologizing for the thousand more to come.

If you’re an author…

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