Make FREE book teasers & promo material in MS Word

Confession #1: I like pretty things.

Confession #2: I totally half-*ssed these teasers and didn’t even bother adding text. Meh. You get the picture.

FREE with Boxshot Lite & MS Word

Personally, I’m a fan of Ps/InDesign, but I realize some of you guys are either on a tight budget or wouldn’t touch design software with a 10-foot pole 😂 sooo I’m gonna share a hack-ish way to make book teasers using a free online tool and MS Word. Cool beans?

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(Yet Another) Reader’s Choice

Here’s mine:

You go through life expecting paper cuts. You go through life learning from knife wounds. You go through life surviving the rest.

If you’re an author…


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Let’s flash some fiction!

Hellooo, Romance Lovers!

Every Monday, I’ll post a NEW PROMPT. Click on the link and gimme a suggestion for next week in the comments. You have until the following Sunday to write a flash fiction and submit a link to…

These will be featured on the front page each Monday. There are no rules. Any word count. Any subgenre. Any amount of crazy. Just be creative and have fun!

The only thing I ask is that you make suggestions for the following week. Thank youuu!!

Mistress Ann