Manuscript (pre)formatting in MS Word

My first time making an ebook was a painful experience (legit traumatic haha!) and resulted in a whackload of weird spacing issues, which looked like complete poo-poo on Kindle. Going back to fix these issues was an even more painful experience.

Anyhoo, I wish I’d read this article before tossing stuff into MS word at random…

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Never made the cut

Here’s mine:

“For a second, I thought I’d lost the only person left that I…”

As Kit’s voice trailed off, his gaze traveled down the delicate chain to the sizable diamond nestled between her breasts. X plucked it into his palm and exhaled a slow, heavy breath. “It’s about time we get married.”

Her head shot up, tear-ridden eyes wide with shock.

Fingers curling firmly around the engagement ring, he jerked her hard into his chest. “You loved me once,” he said through gritted teeth. The words were almost an accusation.

“I did”, she admitted quietly. “Once.”

If you’re an author…

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Love is sacrifice

Here’s mine:

A blush creeps into her cheeks as she tears her gaze away from me. “Sorry for staring.”

Izzy doesn’t need to apologize. And she certainly doesn’t need to be shy. She’s allowed to stare at whatever the hell she wants to whenever the fuck she feels like it. I may be ashamed of some scars on my body, but never the ones I earned protecting her.

Those are an honor.

If you’re an author…

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Make FREE book teasers & promo material in MS Word

Confession #1: I like pretty things.

Confession #2: I totally half-*ssed these teasers and didn’t even bother adding text. Meh. You get the picture.

FREE with Boxshot Lite & MS Word

Personally, I’m a fan of Ps/InDesign, but I realize some of you guys are either on a tight budget or wouldn’t touch design software with a 10-foot pole 😂 sooo I’m gonna share a hack-ish way to make book teasers using a free online tool and MS Word. Cool beans?

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