Questions With Characters Colt McCade

Thank you so much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself!

Tell us who you are and what you do!

Name’s Colt McCade and I’m a SWAT Lieutenant for the Tampa Police Department.

Are you the main character in the story or a supporting role?

Main character.

What do you do for a living?

Save the world.

How old are you?


Tell us about your story. What is it about and what role do you play?

Well, the boss lady kicked ass at my story. I had some pretty douche-y moments, but she smoothed them over like buttering a roll. More importantly she told my story about combat related PTSD and how it affects my daily life.

Do you have any birthmarks or tattoos?

I have a tattoo on my right shoulder. It’s an eagle with dog tags hanging from its talons, a quote underneath.

Would you ever want to go hang out with your author? If so, what would you do together?

Hell yeah, she’s a pretty awesome chick. We’d probably sit back and have a couple beers. I’m sure she’d talk my head off though.

If you could have a super power what would it be, and why?

To be able to heal people – especially from disease.

What is your biggest pet peeve when dealing with others?

When people talk more than do. I’m not much of a talker.

What would I love the most about you?

It’d be hard to say. My handsome good looks, my fantastic sense of humor, it’s a toss-up.

What would I hate the most about you?

Shit. My temper.

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Indie Spotlight JL Long

Thank you for this interview!
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I’m a mom and wife. They thought it would be cool to domesticate me, every once in a while they have to rope me back in.
When did you start writing?
I’ve always liked to write, but didn’t take it seriously until about 5 years ago.
If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?
Italy. I think it would awesome to be sitting out on a terrace writing a romance novel.
What is your favorite part of writing Contemporary Romantic Suspense? What is your least favorite?
The action. I love writing the badassery my guys get into. Not sure I have a least favorite part.

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Questions With Characters Jessica Drummond A Love Unquenchable

Thank you so much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself!

Good day, thank you for having me. My name is Jessica Drummond; oh sorry it was, now I’m Jessica Barrington.

Tell us who you are and what you do!

I am a young woman living in the Regency period in England. It is 1819 and I am the daughter of a shipping merchant. My brother now owns the company and, at the beginning of this tale, I worked for him at the shipyard.

Are you the main character in the story or a supporting role?

I suppose I must be one of the main characters, I appear rather frequently in this story.

What do you do for a living?

Now I am the district assistant to Dr Theo Elliott, covering Oak Stanton and its surrounds Previously, I worked at my brother’s shipyard, for which I received a little coin, and also volunteered at St Bart’s Hospital, helping in any way I could, with those veterans of the recent wars who suffer from long-term injuries, both physical and mental.

How old are you?

‘Tis not polite to ask a lady her age, but you seem very nice, so just this once. I am two and twenty

Tell us about your story. What is it about and what role do you play?

This is a love story, but not one that is all smooth sailing. I suppose I am one of the central characters – I am a city girl, used to the hustle of London. The man I fall in love with, Duncan, lives a much quieter life in the country, and we meet because of a puppy. He lost his hand in the recent wars, still suffers from dark days resulting from the trauma, and believes himself unworthy of a great love. That’s tosh, and it took quite some time and several steaming arguments for him to realise the feelings growing between us could be trusted and would endure. I decided to volunteer at one of the London hospital specialising in the trauma care of returned soldiers in the hope it would give me a better insight into what he has to deal with. What I learned was invaluable, but also brought me into contact with another who believed me to be his dead wife. There were a few hairy moments, but eventually I get my HEA.

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?

I think myself quite unremarkable, but Duncan tells me my eyes are what first captivated him. He says they are like rare gems, and always sparkling – he certainly knows how to charm.

Do you have any birthmarks or tattoos?

No birthmarks. As for tattoos, goodness me no – the very idea, although I do believe they are popular among sailors.

Would you ever want to go hang out with your author? If so, what would you do together?

I presume by ‘go hang out’ you mean spend time in each other’s company? Well, of course, you only have to read my story to know she obviously cares deeply for me and I know we would have fun. I would love to show her the Parthenon exhibition at the museum, for I believe she loves history, and it is a fascinating display. Maybe treat her to an ice at Gunther’s, or take her for a carriage ride around Hyde Park. Oh there are so many things we could enjoy together.

If you could have a super power what would it be, and why?

Healing. I worked with those whose injuries prevent them living a normal life. To heal their wounds, to be able to alleviate their suffering would be a most precious gift.

What is your biggest pet peeve when dealing with others?

People being disrespectful and judgmental.

What would I love the most about you?

Hmmm, I have no idea. I try to be bright and cheerful, spontaneous, loving and loyal. Actually that makes me sound like Trixie, my adored and very spoilt dog. She’s the puppy I rescued, the day I met Duncan. Perhaps that’s what you’d love most…that I plunge headlong into things without thinking, makes for an interesting life. Maybe it would be better to ask my family, or Duncan. I think that’s hard to answer.

What would I hate the most about you?

Well, I can be frustrating and rather quick-tempered, oh and I tend to be quite opinionated. ‘Hate’ is a strong word though. I wouldn’t wish anyone to hate me.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

Yes, I do. Maybe she was kinder to me than I deserve.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

A carriage ride in the countryside with Duncan, a picnic in the shade of a tree and maybe a few stolen kisses. I love it when Duncan kisses me; he’s a very good kisser.

What is your greatest fear?

Being buried alive, and of late, enclosed spaces.

Someone is secretly in love with you. Who is it and how do you feel about that?

Oh, hmm, well, I have been given to understand the doctor at St Bart’s harboured an affection for me. I didn’t realise, otherwise it might have made our working alongside each other a little awkward, especially as I was in love with another. It is flattering, I suppose, but I wouldn’t want him to be hurt. Thankfully, he fell in love with my friend Meredith, so it turned out for the best.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

That wasn’t something I ever really thought about. Women in my era rarely have ambitions beyond surviving childhood, and eventually making a good marriage. I think, for a while, I wanted to be a sea captain like my father and remember being having a tantrum when informed it wasn’t permissible.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

Spend the day with my husband and my family.

What is the one food you can’t live without?

Ginger biscuits, they are my weakness.

If they turned the book into a movie, who would be cast to play you?

I have no idea what a movie is. Oh, wait, my author just explained, ‘tis similar to a theatrical production? Let me think, goodness, you are lucky to have such a wonderful choice of actresses. I think maybe Gemma Atherton, she is so lovely and would make me seem far attractive than I really am.


Indie Spotlight Rosie Chapel

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?
Thank you for having me! I love to catch up with friends, lose myself in a good book – or 3, walk our dog, (as well as all that boring stuff like housework…to be avoided as much as possible) – travel, oh and discovering great coffee spots!

When did you start writing?
Early 2015

In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?
Oh, I wish – no not specifically, but for the majority of settings in any of my books, I have previously visited all of them at least once.

As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?
The first time someone told me they loved my book. That another person enjoyed the story I had created, that I have poured my heart into, was as though all my Christmases had come at once.

What is your favorite part about writing Regency romance and what is your least favorite?
Hmmm, tough question! I think my favourite part is ensuring everything about my characters fits into the time period. How they think and speak, social conventions, etiquette, fashions, communications and transportation. It’s a challenge but so much fun.
I don’t actually have a least favourite, although it can be hard remembering my characters wouldn’t use much of the slang we use, like ‘okay,’ and they don’t have electricity, mobile phones, cars, the Internet and all those other things we take for granted.

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Indie Spotlight Brooke O’Brien

Thank you for this Interview!
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I love to spend time with my family.  I have two kiddos (ages 9 and 5) who keep me plenty busy and provide a lot of entertainment.  I enjoy going out with my girlfriends for dinner or movies, having bonfires, watching college football and NBA basketball, and READING! Can’t forget that one!
When did you start writing?
I started writing poetry when I was in elementary school, and it evolved.  I’ve always been into reading and after I graduated high school was when I started reading more romance.  I started writing my debut novel in February of 2016.
In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?
With my first book, I took the advice of “writing what you know” and kept the book setting local to where I’m from and live.  My second book, Lost Before You, takes place in Chicago which I hadn’t visited until May of last year.  I’ve used some of the locales as the inspiration behind some of the scenes in my book.

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Indie Spotlight Cora Kenborn

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?

What is this “not writing” thing you speak of? Seriously, I’d like to sleep, but my brain is working at all hours of the night, so that usually doesn’t happen until around 3 or 4am. It would be nice to wake up around noon, but I have three kids, so I’m back up around 6 and at it again. On the rare occasion that I DO have free time, I’m reading my favorite authors and just relaxing with Netflix. I wish I had something really cool to say like rock climbing, or creating my own soaps and shampoos, but no, it’s me and Jax Teller and a bag of microwave popcorn.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. I can’t say what prompted it, I’ve always been a creative kid. My mother constantly reminds me of the two imaginary friends I had who did bad things around the house and who I forced her to set places for at the dinner table. My first “novel” was handwritten written on a little journal notebook. I think it was about two sisters and their evil parents. Unfortunately, it was stolen at my 9 year old birthday/slumber party never to be seen again. After that, I continued to write stories, mainly for my own enjoyment. It wasn’t until 2010 that I started getting serious about making it a career. I started writing my debut novel, Fame and Obsession, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?

In the books that I’ve written, I’ve traveled previously to the places I’ve written about. If I haven’t been there, actually making the trip depends on my bank account. If possible, I try to go, unless my bank account tells me that the only place I’m traveling to is Google Earth. I think if you can add that “first-hand knowledge” into your books with specific locations and sights, it just gives it something more. If travel isn’t possible, I put an SOS message out to my team or my Facebook friends and ask if anyone lives in the area I’m writing about, and then I pick their brains until they’re ready to block me. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received about one of my books was from a native of Houston, the setting of my dark romance, Blurred Red Lines. When she found out that I’d never been there in my life, she was floored. She told me that my descriptions, locations, and understanding of the local culture were so accurate that she could literally get in her car and follow it like a map. I may or may not have performed a few fist pumps after that.

As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

There are so many “firsts” in this industry that it’s hard to say what’s most pivotal. However, if I had to pick one, I’d probably say that making the decision to leave my publisher and be solely self-published was ground-breaking for me. It was a scary decision because all the responsibility of marketing, editing, covers, etc. fell directly on me. However, I craved the control that self-publishing offered, and once I published on my own, I knew there was no going back. I love it and have found my biggest success with it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

What is your favorite part about writing romantic suspense and what is your least favorite?

Everything is my favorite! Beyond the obvious perk of getting out my frustrations by knocking off some people (I’m kidding…sort of) my favorite part is weaving in a plot twist that the reader never sees coming. I love watching them get to that “a-ha” moment and then getting a message or a review where the only words are, “I never saw that coming!” If I’ve surprised a reader and shocked them, I’ve done my job. My least favorite is absolutely the research that is involved. Most romantic suspense novels are very technical. There are usually laws to research, court legalities, techno lingo–and if there’s a killer involved–logical ways to kidnap, drug, kill, dispose of bodies, etc. If even one thing is off, inevitably it’s going to be picked apart and overshadow your story. I joke with my PA all the time that both of us are probably on some FBI watch list because all of the weird things we Google.

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Indie Spotlight Bella Emy

Thank you for this interview!

What do you do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing… that’s interesting lol. I’m always writing, plotting, or editing lol. If I happen not to be doing one of those things–which is rare, let me tell you–I’m probably spending time with my family, reading, or trying to catch up on some sleep..

When did you start writing?

Around 12/13 years old

Your book A Love Beyond Time was nominated for the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards. Can you tell me a little about that and how did you feel when you found out you were nominated?

It’s an awesome feeling to be recognized for something you did that you put your all into. Just being nominated alongside all those amazing authors is an accomplishment for me. I’m honored.

If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?

Somewhere on a deserted island so I could just write and write without any “real-life” interruptions lol.

If you had 4 hours of extra time today, what would you do?

Continue writing lol. I have four short story/novellas I need to finish in four months to be included in anthologies so the extra time would definitely help.

Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?

I’m thinking Paris or Rome in the future… maybe. Who knows?

Why was writing A Love Beyond Time so important to you?

It was the first fairy tale I’ve written; I love fairy tales. It was my first book to be published with my new publishers & I can’t wait for all my books to be re-released through them.

Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

A lot of time in the shower or when I’m in bed; It happens a lot. Not sure why lol.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any new projects released in the coming months? If so, tell us about them.

I’m currently in the middle of a holiday themed story for a Christmas anthology, but I won’t say anything more about that just yet.
I have another three projects that I will be working on as well. All I will say is that they are all for anthologies with other authors that I am really excited to be able to work with. They are all super amazing and I’m totally a fan of their work!

Part II This or That?

Q: Alpha male or Rockstar?

Alpha male

Q: Winter or Summer?

Winter – I love cuddling

Q: Salad or Soup?

Q: Swimming in a lake or the ocean??


Q: Earthquake or Tornado?


Q: Bath or Shower?

Q: Coffee or Soda?

Q: Sausage or Bacon?


Q: Football or Baseball?

Q: Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Brad Pitt

Q: One long vacation or several short mini vacations?
Short mini vacations

Q: Exercise in a gym or at home?

Q: Rock or Country music?

Q: Cruise or Resort?

Q: Receive Chocolate or Flowers for a gift?
Chocolate AND flowers lol

Q: Your life is a movie would you rather be cast for an Action movie or a Comedy?