190 Ways to Say “Said” OR 187 Creative Dialogue Tags to Avoid

Said, asked, replied, spoke, whispered, accuse, echo, retort, scoff, beg, counter, jest, gloat, fume, call, urge, profess, hint, implore, quip . . .

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FEATURE: Melissa Abigail

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Melissa Abigail was born in the southern U.S.A. to South American parents, lived in the borough of Brooklyn, N.Y., and was raised in the humble suburbs of southern Ontario. A citizen of the world, she’s managed to fit in nowhere in particular but everywhere at the same time. A lifelong writer, creator and artist, she embraces thought-provoking ideas and diversity in film, fiction & life.

Excerpt from Judge by the Cover: High School, Drama & Deadly Vices (Hafu Sans Halo, Book 1)

Haruna felt a small amount of relief bubble to the surface. They were going to finish it after all. But best of all, Ryu had good ideas. Great ideas. She rested her chin in her hands and watched him thoughtfully as he looked into his copy of the Merchant of Venice. She laughed to herself, and he glanced at her with raised eyebrows.

“I was just thinking—you’re really good at this, Ryu. You’re like a natural philosopher.”

“Is that a compliment?” Ryu asked in a flat tone that matched his look of scepticism.

“I just didn’t know you had it in you is all. Why do you act like someone who doesn’t care about school when you’re this smart?”

Ryu sighed, then bobbed his shoulders.

“Because I don’t care about school. What’s the point? Why do we do anything? What motivates us? What motivates you? Besides grades, of course.”

“Well what motivates you? Are you going to say ‘nothing?’”

“I never said nothing motivates me. Just school isn’t the most important thing, that’s all.”

“Then tell me. What’s most important?”

Ryu paused. His mouth lolled open. His eyes glazed over.

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How to revolutionize your character motivation

I love character motivation!

Sometimes I’m a little too obsessed with it and go a little overboard giving motivation to every character that is a part of the book even the minor ones!

Anyways . . .

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