FEATURE: Gem Stone

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Gem Stone lives in England with the man of her dreams and her two children. She spends her spare time reading, writing, blogging, and talking to her pets. She is a firm believer that surprises make life worth living, you can’t pick who you fall in love with, and everyone deserves a happy ending.

Excerpt from West Running Wild (West Series, Book 1)

When Marcus headed to bed that night, he wasn’t surprised to see the dog in the middle of his bed again. He was, however, shocked to see a cat curled up next to the dog.

“What the hell?” He stared at them, feeling that nervous tic develop in his eye. “I thought dogs were supposed to chase cats?”

As if to rub his face in the situation the cat gave a lazy stretch and snuggled closer to the dog, resting its head on the dog’s shoulder.

“Typical,” he grumbled crawling into his spot on the bed, which had become even smaller than yesterday. Something had to be done about these sleeping arrangements.

He climbed out of bed the next morning and cracked his stiff back before stumbling to the bathroom. By night time the dog would be shut outside if he had anything to do with it.

The tiled wall above the toilet was cold on his arm as he leant against it while relieving himself. A splash on his leg had him glancing down. “You have got to be kidding me!”

Peeping over the edge of the toilet was the black and white cat, and it appeared to be playing with the stream of urine.

An evil thought popped into his head. He looked from the toilet to the cat. Not allowing time to change his mind he moved and peed again, aiming straight at the cat’s head.

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Light a fire under your characters

Motivation. What motivates us to do the things we do, or to react to something the way we do? Or what motivates us not to do something, or get involved in something, or avoid something?

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FEATURE: Susan Coventry

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Susan Coventry is an avid reader of contemporary romance, historical fiction and women’s fiction. She has a degree in Elementary Education although she never became a teacher. After several years of working in the insurance and real estate industries, she became a stay-at-home mom, and was finally able to pursue her true passion–writing! Today, Susan spends most of her time writing “fun and flirty” romance novels that are lighthearted with a touch of humor. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading, enjoying time with her husband and two daughters, or walking their Labradoodle. Susan lives just outside the historic Village of Clarkston, Michigan where all of her novels take place.

Excerpt from Custom Built for Me 

They were parked at the very back of the subdivision now, blocked from sight by a large copse of trees, and the rain had started up again in earnest.  Suddenly, sitting with Shane in a parked truck in the pouring rain felt very intimate.  

“I’m good with my hands, huh?” he said and then reached across the seat and picked up one of her hands in his.  

Jess watched him rub his thumb gently across the back of her hand, and she immediately felt a twinge between her legs.  

“Yes,” she said, gazing deep into his eyes.  



“Have you ever made love in the back seat of a truck on a rainy day?”

Jess’s eyes grew wide, and he laughed.  “You mean here?  Right now?”

“Why not?”

“But…but…what if we get caught?”

“By whom?” Shane said as he started crawling over the console to get in the back.  

“I don’t know.  By the police?”

Shane chuckled again as he shucked off his jacket and began to lift his t-shirt over his head.  “You worry too much.  Even if the cops come, we’re not trespassing.  I own this property.”  And off came his shirt.  He was unzipping his jeans as he said, “We’re not going to get caught.  Trust me.”  

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FEATURE: Christina Lynn Lambert

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I have loved reading ever since I was a kid, so much so that I liked to make up my own stories. My first story is a romance, with some sci-fi, paranormal, and suspense elements. My style is more gritty than sweet and I look forward to writing many more stories with strong heroines and imperfect but determined characters.
When I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy reading, hiking, running, swimming, and exploring new places. I do not enjoy cooking.

Excerpt from Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures, Book 1)

Sydney sat in the conference room at Brass Cat Advertising, sipping her coffee and wishing the caramel latte could take her to an alternate reality. One where Derrick Porter wasn’t sitting in front of her. His presence had caught her off guard. Sydney took another sip of her coffee as she tried not to stare stupidly, but holy chocolate-covered cherries, the man was hot.

Dark hair and eyebrows made a striking contrast against his strong bone structure and fair skin. His lips, good grief. They looked so soft. Derrick’s long, lean body fit nicely in a suit. The material stretched over his broad shoulders and came in at the waist. He probably had amazing six-pack abs.

When they’d met that Saturday in running group, it hadn’t merely been the fog coupled with Sydney’s exhaustion and two-year streak of celibacy that had made Derrick appear so handsome. Even under the bright lights of the conference room, he was gorgeous. What rotten luck that she couldn’t seem to get away from him.

Great Oaks wasn’t exactly a large city. Eventually, she would have run into Derrick somewhere. Maybe at the store or at some get-together at Carly’s. That wouldn’t have been too bad. She could have dealt with a polite conversation before walking away to catch her breath, pushing Derrick out of her head with every retreating step. On their Saturday-morning runs, Sydney had already planned to wear her earbuds and let her music help her be antisocial.

An ongoing work project was a much worse problem. As it turned out, Derrick knew her boss, Shayla. Only two days after meeting Derrick and trying not to think about the fact that their being partnered at their running group was an obvious setup, Sydney would not have the luxury of ignoring his existence. She ground her teeth.

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FEATURE: Alyne Hart

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I began my story-telling journey first with my dolls, then it progressed to paper. I have a deep love for anything romantic, and I’m a believer that in love anything is possible.
I write (mostly) strong, witty and intelligent women and strong, sexy, intelligent men. (and my own little fantasy – they can all cook)

Most of my stories involve people with problems bigger than just trying to find love, making peace with the past and rekindling old flames. I love small towns, cowboys, rockstars, and men in uniform.

Excerpt from The Island 

“So what are you saying?” I begged for an answer.

“I’m saying, I love you,” Gabe nodded earnestly.

“And I love you,” Michael echoed.

“This makes no sense,” I muttered quietly.

“No,” Gabe chuckled softly, “it really doesn’t. But it’s happening.  I think we all knew it would happen too, right from the beginning.” He looked at Michael and Michael nodded yes. “Michael and I, we’ve been talking about this, and maybe we’re too late bringing it up and given tonight I’d say we were. We’ve been talking about what happens when we leave the island. Neither of us wants to be without you, and we’re yours. If you’ll have us.”

“This is so crazy.” I shook my head in disbelief. “I don’t even deserve one of you, much less both of you.”

Michael shook his head. “Not true,” he protested, “you deserve everything.”

I gulped a deep breath of air, not able to grasp all of this as a reality, “how? How would it work? I mean, I couldn’t share you guys with anyone…I don’t even understand how this can work.”

“With trust and love,” Gabe assured me. “The rest, I think we just figure out as we go along. As far as jealousy, seeing you with Michael makes me happy, because he’s happy. I love both of you, and it doesn’t bother me one bit.”

Michael looked at me, his eyes conveying a deep sincerity, “I don’t know, I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me. When I see other guys hit on you, I wanna kill em. I can’t stand to think of you with anyone else. When I see you with him,” he looked over at Gabe, “I don’t know. I like it. I’m happy. And I don’t want any other girls – I just want you. I want us.”

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