SPOTLIGHT: Bree Verity

This weekend we have the delightful Bree Verity with us. She writes contemporary and historical romance. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Bree! So glad to have you here on Love Indie Romance. Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in the southeast of Australia where there is a saying – “If you can’t see the hills, it’s going to rain, if you can see the hills, it’s raining.” Because it’s kinda miserable there, my sisters and I spent much of our time inside, and so we grew up on a diet of romance movies and musicals, Georgette Heyer novels and lots and lots of cats. Now, I have two rescue dogs, but I don’t tell them about my wicked past as a cat owner. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my favorite son (he’s my only son) and my favorite partner (he’s my only partner). I started writing in all seriousness about two years ago, although I’ve been writing since I was a wee thing. And I love it!

I’ve read two of your books (both great, by the way) in the A Perth Girls Novel series. Where did your inspiration come from? How many total books will be in this series?

Amanda and Lydia are the first two books in the Perth Girls series – when I first started writing, I took to heart the instruction: “Write What You Know.” I knew Perth, I’d done some dating in Perth, so it made sense that my first romance novels would be set there! There are four books in the series – Desiree is written and awaiting serious editing and Penny is still a synopsis in my head! I have an idea for a second set of four as well – after all, there are plenty of Perth Girls to go around!!

Amanda (A Perth Girls Novel) is a shorter novel than Lydia and Desiree. Is there a particular reason behind that? Or do write what the story calls for? (I was sad to see it end.)

So glad you didn’t want it to end! That’s what we writers count on – you finish the first one, and you *HAF* to go get the next one!! Amanda is a novelette because of that exact reason – she is the lead-in to the rest of the series, and was specifically written as a novelette.

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SPOTLIGHT: Sagarika Sabarwal

Another great Saturday with another great indie author. Today we have Sagarika Sabarwal joining us. She writes romantic suspense. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Sagarika! We’re glad to have you here on Love Indie Romance. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Sagarika is a pen name. Does that have any particular meaning behind it?

First I planned on keeping my identity anonymous. Some of the characters in my story had a strong resemblance to people I knew ( I can go ahead to say, some characters were inspired by my friends) and I didn’t want people to assume it is my story. But then I realized for widespread promotion, I need to start from my social circle for which disclosing my identity was essential, and so I gave up on my animosity but retained it on book covers. I chose the name Sagarika because mom in particular was fond of that name and came up with it when I asked her for a name.

You just started writing a story on Wattpad. What has your experience been like?

My experience in Wattpad hasn’t been too great since I don’t have followers there and I haven’t spent much time in promoting my work there either. I am not sure how to go about it either. Since the story I am writing there has some sexually explicit scenes, it has been made private and until the readers follow me, they won’t be able to read it. So the number of readers following the story have been less. I haven’t completely given up on that platform, but I need to think of ways to get followers.

Besides writing, you also accept review requests. What’s your favorite part about that? Least favorite?

Favorite part about accepting reviewing requests is getting a chance to meet new authors and reading their stories. I will also be supporting and promoting indie authors, which is something I will always be proud of. The journey the indie authors have to undertake to promote their book is very tedious and I want to support them in every way possible. The sad part about it is, I won’t be able to accept all the requests. Firstly, it’s lack of time and secondly I am a very picky reader. I enjoy books that are either dark, unconventional and Taboo. And until I get into the book completely ( which is dependent on my book) I won’t be able to do justice to them. I rather not read a book than reading it half-heatedly.

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SPOTLIGHT: Angel Chadwick

It’s Saturday and that means another spotlight! Today we have Angel Chadwick joining us. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Angel! So glad to have you here on Love Indie Romance. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Angel Chadwick! I’m a mom of a nine year old boy who is autistic/nonverbal, avid reader and reviewer and multi-genre author. I don’t have any hobbies and don’t have a use for hobbies. Writing and being an author is my occupation.

You enjoy writing in lots of different genres. How much research goes into your writing? What draws you to writing in so many different genres?

I like writing in different genres. I like variety and diversity in my books that includes different languages, different races, cultures, disabilities and the like. I also get bored very easily and variety and diversity with original and unique concepts keep my interest. Lots of research and my own life experiences goes into my writing.

You just released your latest novel, Weeping Well. “Fear is like a looking glass…” Describe what we can expect from this novel.

My latest novel “Weeping Well” is the first book in the series. It’s a mystery/thriller/erotic dark romance/suspense/multicultural/multiracial/interracial romance/coming of age/set in 1989-2008/international crime fiction. What you can expect from “Weeping Well” is a lot of action and drama.

What’s it like being an indie author? Highs? Lows?

Being an indie author I love being in control of every aspect of writing and publishing. I love hard work because I’m a hard worker, but I guess that’s the downside. It’s a lot of hard work and all that work falls on you as the indie author. My favorite part of being an indie author is being able to write whatever I want and not apologize for it.

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SPOTLIGHT: Jessica McCrory

We have another great indie author with us today. Jessica McCrory writes fantasy romances. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Jessica! So glad to have you on Love Indie Romance. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! Thank you so much for having me here!  So a little about myself, I spent seven years in the Texas Army National Guard until I was medically retired following a training injury.  I have been happily married for going on seven years and we have two wonderful kiddos together.  I am also a lover of red wine and all things Captain America. LOL.

You’ve written two books so far, The Phoenix: The Prophecy Series, being your most recent one. How many books do you plan on having in this series? Is it an on-going series? Considered standalones?

The Prophecy Series will consist of three books: The Phoenix, The Fighter (which will be available middle of this year) and a third, which does not have a title yet. I am currently working on two standalone books, one of which will contain three separate novelettes, a prequel to my first book, Tethered Souls, and I plan on releasing five books this year! Crazy goal I know, haha.

Do you have a favorite character? Any of your characters based off anyone you know?

I think Anastasia is my favorite character, she has been through so much in her life and she still comes out on the other side stronger than she was before. Her strength and determination are endless.

The character Carmen, who is introduced towards the end of The Phoenix is based off of my Grandmother Carmen McGinley.  She was the one who showed me a love of books and pushed me to publish.  She passed away in 2015 before Tethered Souls had been released.

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SPOTLIGHT: Kim Padgett-Clarke

Another beautiful Saturday with another great author. Today we have Kim Padgett-Clarke joining us. Let’s find out more…

So glad to have you on Love Indie Romance, Kim! Tell us about yourself.

I live in Blackpool in the UK with my husband Graham. In my spare time I like reading, watching films and long walks in the country. I love historical places and the paranormal so my ideal day would be touring around an ancient castle that had at least one ghost!

Your recent novel, Made of Glass, is a darker romance. Describe how dark it is. What can a reader expect from it?

Made of Glass starts out as a boy meets girl romance but as the story progresses Daniel’s darker side begins to emerge. His charming façade begins to unravel and Clare becomes aware that the real Daniel is quite a dangerous young man. I have put a warning on the Amazon description as there is a scene which has quite graphic violence and another involving abuse.

Clare, one of the main characters in Made of Glass has epilepsy. How difficult was it to write a character with a chronic disorder like that? Describe what kind of research that involved.

I didn’t have to do any research on epilepsy as I have the condition myself. Unlike Clare, who has lived with it all her life, mine came on later in life and is medication controlled. I think it gives me more insight when writing about someone with this condition, such as the sheer frustration at not being able to control your own body, and how it can blight your life. I hope I have also portrayed with Clare that as with a lot of disabilities, people have a way of coping with them.

Based on the blurb for Made of Glass, Daniel, another main character, is controlling. Depicting that kind of character could be challenging. Describe how you fleshed out this kind of character.

I have worked in organisations that deal with vulnerable people. Some of the cases involved partnerships where one person uses that vulnerability to control the other person. In most instances the abuser has issues in their own backgrounds that triggered a controlling pattern of behaviour. In Daniel’s case, his birth mother and adoptive mother left mental scars that sours his attitude to women, and fuels his need to be in control.

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