Authors Gone Wild: Bad Behavior & Poor Etiquette

Everyone already knows I can sometimes be always am loud and obnoxious, eh? Everyone also knows I correspond with a ton of my readers since I adore them to pieces and can never ever ignore an email and/or message (nor do I want to). Plus the whole loud and obnoxious thing, remember? 😉 That said, I’m not a d*ck about it. At least, I hope I’m not…

Any readers who’ve found me offensive, please don’t hesitate to publicly reprimand a.k.a. rip me a new one below. Or email me if you’re slightly less aggressive than that haha! But, seriously, I feel like such a lucky bugger that anyone actually reads my crap, much less wants to talk to me, ya know? So, yeah, I kinda sorta get a bit protective of readers (and their honest opinions).

Anyhoo, one of my favorite blogs, Knockin’ Books, posted an article yesterday that made me go, “Yes, uh-huh, yes, exactly, yesss!” I think they hit the nail on the head about the 5 behaviors that can lose authors a boatload of fans…

  1. Nastiness
  2. Whining
  3. Replying to reviews (I’m personally guilty of this one but not in a negative way haha!)
  4. Ignoring fans
  5. Entitled behavior 

Authors Gone Wild

Hope y’all find this little hard-hitting article helpful!!


Mistress Ann

4 thoughts on “Authors Gone Wild: Bad Behavior & Poor Etiquette

  1. I always find your articles helpful. Thank you xx

    I personally love your loud obnoxious thing you have going on; it’s endearing 😉

    I was going to write something snarky, but I’m too tired.
    So I’ll just say thanks for this.


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