Backstory: Too much, too soon?


I love it! Seriously, I absolutely love to give my characters super detailed and intricate backstories. I work it all out before I start writing. I know every aspect of my character’s pasts, their childhoods, their previous loves, everything that has happened to them that has made them who they are when the story starts.

But when do you reveal all this information you so carefully planned out?

Whether you plan out backstory before you start writing, or you wait to see what develops and what your character reveals to you as you write, the question remains the same. When and how do you reveal this backstory?

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of doing an information dump. We want our readers to know all about our characters so we rush to tell them everything. But this often pulls our readers out of the story, and doesn’t make them care about our characters more, in fact it can make them care about our characters less.

Here are some tips on how to effectively share backstory in our books.

Backstory: Too much, too soon?


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Princess Jane

2 thoughts on “Backstory: Too much, too soon?

  1. Ahh, Princess Jane! Nice article!!

    Personally, I have the opposite “problem” with backstory where too much is left to the imagination and readers are like, “Huh”? Sooo gonna work on adding it a bit at a time like they suggest 🙂

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