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Thank you to the Love Indie Romance group for having me on. Lots of hugs and love to you all!! When writing a short bio for myself I was thing what would you want to know? First thing I thought of was my moniker: The Genre Minx. I created this name for myself because it is a tongue in cheek explanation that I “get around with genres.” I did not want to be a book reviewing blog that was defined by any one genre because I love to read multiple genres. Plus, I thought that it was an interesting name that would grab people’s attention hence The Genre Minx Book Reviews was born.

Why did I start reviewing books? I am a stay at home mother and a bibliophile, can’t help it, I love books. I decided to start reviewing books to carve out that little space in my life that is just for me.  I am a firm believer that women, especially stay at home moms, should always have something that they have for themselves because otherwise they can get lost and try to define themselves only through their marriage or through their children. Then what happens if the marriage ends? What happens when the children go on to lead their adult lives? The woman is left with nothing to define her and becomes lost. It could also be that way for a man but I am chick….so you get a feminine view point 😉.

So, I review books for me and for those interested in what the books I read are about. To help keep me tethered to something that makes me feel like I accomplish goals and I am doing something just for me 😁. I also get to connect with amazing authors, readers, and grow in ways that I never expected. When I write reviews, I try to consider what another reader would be looking to know about the book. I try and point to its strengths and, if any, weaknesses but while not being negative or destructive. I just love it! I am not trying to be the most popular blogger out there (but I won’t say no that either, lol) because honestly, I don’t have more time than I already give. For now, to me, being successful is finding the time to read a book and write a decent review. That is how I am defining success in my crazy, beautiful, blessed adventure that I call my life. Thanks for reading!

Here’s an excerpt from one of Amy’s favourite indie books, Semi-Sane by Isabel Jordan.

Excerpt from Semi-Sane 

Violet couldn’t remember ever feeling anything like this.

She couldn’t touch enough of him at once. Her hands slid greedily up his arms, over his shoulders, up through his hair, and back down again.

Nikolai seemed to be having the same problem when it came to touching her. His hands moved over her like it was his job to make her come with nothing more than his mouth on hers and his hands on her body.

And he apparently loved his job.  

She let out a shocked gasp, quickly followed by a long, embarrassing groan of pleasure, when he grabbed her hips and pulled her into his body so tightly she felt the hard evidence of just how much he loved his job pressed into her stomach.

The wave of need that hit her was so unexpected she fell into him, knocking them off-balance. Nikolai braced his legs to catch them both, all the while never losing his grip on her. He did it so easily, as if she weighed nothing at all.

And that so wasn’t the case.


He broke their kiss to whisper something in Russian in her ear. There was so much gravel in his voice that the words barely sounded human. A shiver ran through her from head to toe. She had no idea what he’d said, but at that moment, it didn’t matter. Whatever he’d asked her for, he could have it.

“Yes,” she whispered back. “Please.”

He pulled back to look down into her eyes, and the stark, desperate need and desire she’d read in his expression earlier slowly started morphing into something softer and infinitely more dangerous. He brushed his fingertips, feather-soft, over her lips, his eyes moving over her like he was trying to memorize the lines of her face. “Kotehok, I—” 

Whatever he was going to say was swallowed up by what sounded like a car backfiring, the sound so loud and so close it threatened to burst her eardrums. A piece of the brick wall behind them shattered and flew up, slicing across her cheekbone.

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