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This week we are meeting blogger Cat from The Reading Cat!

Just a girl who loved reading so much she decided to start a blog about reading. Once she got a taste of indie romance, she couldn’t get enough!

Here’s an excerpt from one of Cat’s favourite indie books, Skeletons of Us by Anne Malcom

Excerpt from Skeletons of Us 

He pounded his fist against the door with frustration. “Lexie, let me in,” he growled for the hundredth time. There was nothing from the other side of the door. No words or screams that had come out of her like a volcano in the ring. The words that had worked him worse than any opponent had in any ring around the country. They impacted more effectively than any left hook by any angry fighter. They also gave him hope. Anger and hurt drenched her tiny frame, but something else did too. He didn’t miss the way her small hand had cupped his jaw so tenderly and the last words she’d said to him before she’d run. “The world at my feet meant nothing without you by my side.” Those words were the knockout. They had frozen him in place long enough for Lexie to lock herself in the changing rooms of the gym. And because he’d banished everyone from the premises, he couldn’t even find a fucking key. He rested his head against the steel door. “Baby, please,” he called through the metal. He would have shot the fucking thing open if he thought there was any danger of her running outside. This gym was in a fucking dodgy neighborhood. It had shocked the shit out of him when they’d pulled up. It pissed him the fuck off, too. The fact that Lexie frequented neighborhoods like this when a murderous stalker was after her?

It might have also had a lot to do with the fact he’d watched her tight body encased in spandex running around the ring with Keltan. Her face was flushed with concentration and Killian couldn’t take his eyes off her. His dick had been as hard as a rock the moment she’d stepped in the ring. He didn’t think there was anything sexier than Lexie on stage, singing from her soul straight to his cock. Seeing her in the ring and actually knowing what the fuck she was doing was a close rival. But it also pissed him off. The fact she knew what she was doing meant she had someone to train her. Maybe had a reason to need to know this shit. If he hadn’t fucked up four years ago, his girl wouldn’t be going to a dive gym in the middle of this neighborhood to learn how to protect herself. He’d be doing that. His job. She sure as shit wouldn’t be training with the man she’d visited in hospital every single day. He’d gleaned from Keltan that Duke and Lexie were friends and training partners. It drove Killian crazy thinking of what else they were. Duke almost fuckin’ died for her. Killian’s fists had clenched as all those thoughts churned in his brain while he’d watched Lexie and Keltan. Hence him losing his battle with restraint and banishing everyone from the gym and getting into the ring that had become his sanctuary for the past four years. The place he could unleash his anger and succumb to his demons. He hadn’t expected Lexie’s demons to win over his own. KO them.

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