Call me

Here’s mine:




More silence.

“Is this a prank call?”

More freakin’ silence.

“Because you caught me at a really, really bad time, jerkoff,” she growled into the mouthpiece. “I’m naked and I can’t walk properly and…”

“Ruth’s Chris, downstairs.”

Oh. My. God.



If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of a phone call between characters and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

6 thoughts on “Call me

  1. Here’s mine from my new release, Three . . .

    Sofia stopped listening to Ryan when the doorbell rang. “Someone’s at the door,” she whispered into the phone.
    “Stay on the line with me, Sofia,” Ryan ordered.
    Her heart was hammering painfully in her chest as she supported herself with the wall as she headed for the door.
    “Sofia? I mean it, don’t hang up,” Ryan insisted. “Stay on the line.”

  2. This is a good one for me! Here’s one from the first page of Station Alpha:

    “Christine speaking,” she answered, trying to sound less groggy than she felt.
    “There is a team of men converging on your house right now,” came the unexpected reply from a low male voice. Unfamiliar, urgent. “You need to run.”

    On Amazon:

  3. “When he kissed me, that cinched the deal. It’s evident we both have feelings for each other. More than I would like to admit. I stopped us before it went further.”

    She interrupts me by screaming, “What did you say?”

    I swear I felt my hair blow away from the phone.

    “He kissed you and you stopped him? Are you out of your mind? You could’ve had some awesome sex, or at least foreplay.”

    Lives Collide – – Available Wednesday, February 1st

  4. My Christian historical romance, Throne of Grace, which is the first of a three part series (Cliff Walk Courtships) is set in 1893, so the characters don’t talk on the phone since everyone doesn’t have them just yet. This is one of my favorite lines that speaks to the feelings Arthur has for Josie, as well as his patience with her and with their relationship (which of course has a HEA):

    “I won’t ask for the moon just yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope for it.”

    Throne of Grace on Amazon:

  5. Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul 1875

    I found it nauseating, trying to grin and bear it as wave after wave of us entered the majestic Blue Room—the official ballroom of our harem quarters. It was early spring and we were being sent in to appear before the Sultan and his royal family, like cattle before an auction. We had the task of showing utmost grace and carrying ourselves as if we, too, were somehow imperial and free—which we weren’t.

    The Merchant’s Pearl

  6. This is from Sunrise Awakening…

    “I got another call.”
    “Shit. What did they say?”
    “Did you like my present?” she whispered softly.
    The sight of Lily’s scarred body made his mind reel. He needed air. What present were they talking about?
    The destruction of her car? Or Lily’s dead body?

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