Can you feel the love?

Here’s mine:

This feeling…

I’d never stop craving it.

The painful tightness in my chest. The unbearable heat coursing through my veins. The full-body tremble I couldn’t control. The hitch in my throat that made breathing a struggle. The intoxicating, addictive high from a sudden lack of air.

These moments…

I’d never get enough of them.

Moments like this were surreal. Abracadabra. Hocus pocus type stuff.

Moments like this were pure freakin’ magic.

Moments like this…

“Never gets old, does it?” his soft question broke the silence.

It broke me too.

If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of some lovin’ feels and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

2 thoughts on “Can you feel the love?

  1. From Four which will be released in July . . .

    Laura pictured last night, lying in Jack’s arms, the reassuring beating of his heart beneath her ear, knowing that she wasn’t only safe with him she was also loved and cared about, she was important to him. Jack knew that she’d been weak and pathetic and helpless, and he wanted her anyway. The tightness in her chest eased a little.

  2. An extract from What Happens in London:

    Liam took a deep breath. ‘About what I said at the hospital. You know what I meant, right?’
    She swallowed. She’d hoped he’d forgotten about it. ‘Which part?’
    ‘The part where I said I’d always choose you.’
    Fayth shifted, her feet still resting against him. Yes, she knew what he meant. ‘We can’t, Liam.’
    ‘Why not?’ He turned so that he could face her. She pulled her legs from over him, sitting on them instead.
    ‘Because of what just happened? You’re you, Liam. The whole world loves you, and I’m just—’
    ‘Important to me?’

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