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Thank you to the Love Indie Romance group for having me on. Lots of hugs and love to you all!! When writing a short bio for myself I was thing what would you want to know? First thing I thought of was my moniker: The Genre Minx. I created this name for myself because it is a tongue in cheek explanation that I “get around with genres.” I did not want to be a book reviewing blog that was defined by any one genre because I love to read multiple genres. Plus, I thought that it was an interesting name that would grab people’s attention hence The Genre Minx Book Reviews was born.

Why did I start reviewing books? I am a stay at home mother and a bibliophile, can’t help it, I love books. I decided to start reviewing books to carve out that little space in my life that is just for me.  I am a firm believer that women, especially stay at home moms, should always have something that they have for themselves because otherwise they can get lost and try to define themselves only through their marriage or through their children. Then what happens if the marriage ends? What happens when the children go on to lead their adult lives? The woman is left with nothing to define her and becomes lost. It could also be that way for a man but I am chick….so you get a feminine view point 😉.

So, I review books for me and for those interested in what the books I read are about. To help keep me tethered to something that makes me feel like I accomplish goals and I am doing something just for me 😁. I also get to connect with amazing authors, readers, and grow in ways that I never expected. When I write reviews, I try to consider what another reader would be looking to know about the book. I try and point to its strengths and, if any, weaknesses but while not being negative or destructive. I just love it! I am not trying to be the most popular blogger out there (but I won’t say no that either, lol) because honestly, I don’t have more time than I already give. For now, to me, being successful is finding the time to read a book and write a decent review. That is how I am defining success in my crazy, beautiful, blessed adventure that I call my life. Thanks for reading!

Here’s an excerpt from one of Amy’s favourite indie books, Semi-Sane by Isabel Jordan.

Excerpt from Semi-Sane 

Violet couldn’t remember ever feeling anything like this.

She couldn’t touch enough of him at once. Her hands slid greedily up his arms, over his shoulders, up through his hair, and back down again.

Nikolai seemed to be having the same problem when it came to touching her. His hands moved over her like it was his job to make her come with nothing more than his mouth on hers and his hands on her body.

And he apparently loved his job.  

She let out a shocked gasp, quickly followed by a long, embarrassing groan of pleasure, when he grabbed her hips and pulled her into his body so tightly she felt the hard evidence of just how much he loved his job pressed into her stomach.

The wave of need that hit her was so unexpected she fell into him, knocking them off-balance. Nikolai braced his legs to catch them both, all the while never losing his grip on her. He did it so easily, as if she weighed nothing at all.

And that so wasn’t the case.


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This week we are meeting blogger Cat from The Reading Cat!

Just a girl who loved reading so much she decided to start a blog about reading. Once she got a taste of indie romance, she couldn’t get enough!

Here’s an excerpt from one of Cat’s favourite indie books, Skeletons of Us by Anne Malcom

Excerpt from Skeletons of Us 

He pounded his fist against the door with frustration. “Lexie, let me in,” he growled for the hundredth time. There was nothing from the other side of the door. No words or screams that had come out of her like a volcano in the ring. The words that had worked him worse than any opponent had in any ring around the country. They impacted more effectively than any left hook by any angry fighter. They also gave him hope. Anger and hurt drenched her tiny frame, but something else did too. He didn’t miss the way her small hand had cupped his jaw so tenderly and the last words she’d said to him before she’d run. “The world at my feet meant nothing without you by my side.” Those words were the knockout. They had frozen him in place long enough for Lexie to lock herself in the changing rooms of the gym. And because he’d banished everyone from the premises, he couldn’t even find a fucking key. He rested his head against the steel door. “Baby, please,” he called through the metal. He would have shot the fucking thing open if he thought there was any danger of her running outside. This gym was in a fucking dodgy neighborhood. It had shocked the shit out of him when they’d pulled up. It pissed him the fuck off, too. The fact that Lexie frequented neighborhoods like this when a murderous stalker was after her?

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I was born in Uzbekistan. When I was three years old me and my family moved to Germany (we lived in Bonn, it’s a small town near Cologne) and lived there for eleven years. I went to a Russian school which was one of the two Russian schools in the whole country (the second one is in Berlin).
In the year 2011 we moved to Kazakhstan where I live now. I finished school here. Now I am a student at a Russian university and a technical translator for my father’s IT firm.
Right now I’m working on my second book and a few other projects I’m thinking about doing. In the past few months I’ve also become an avid reader, I do reviews on indie books on my blog, I also started a youtube channel recently.
I’m also a gamer, I play Dota 2, among other games, and I’m a hobby photographer.

Excerpt from Special Minds 

Most of the night I stay silent and just watch them talk. It’s as if they’re long lost friends. Overall the night turned out not as bad as I thought, I even enjoyed most of it. And when it’s really late and everyone is sleepy and tired, dad actually asks Dean to stay until tomorrow, offering the guest room.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to…” Write starts, but my father cuts him off. Wow, this really is a different man. Who are you and what have you done to my daddy?

“But I insist.” And with this sentence Write is obliged to stay. “Milly will show you everything, thank you for this wonderful evening, too sad that I’m too old to stay up for much longer. Good night.”

When he’s gone, we stand awkwardly in silence for a few moments. I clear my throat.

“Would you like to go to sleep now? Or can I get you anything else? Something to drink?”

“A glass of water would be nice.” He gives me the warmest look ever.

“Then please, follow me to the kitchen.” I say as I collect the dishes.

I feel myself tense with every passing second. While he is drinking his water, I start washing the dishes.

“Can I help?” He asks when I am on my second plate.

“You can dry them if you want.” He nods. I point at a towel hanging nearby. “You can use that towel over there.”

And so we stay silent for a few more moments, cleaning up in the kitchen. I don’t relax, on the contrary, I feel like I’m going to turn to stone completely at some point. It’s one thing being with him at work, but having him here? Seeing him like this? It’s just too much and I remember our weekend. It hurts.

“Millicent.” He says, voice soft and quiet. “I know I shouldn’t be saying this, I promised myself I wouldn’t, but we need to talk about what happened in New York.”

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FEATURE: M. Jane Colette

SECRETS IN A VELVET BAG, Ch 28 OF Consequences by M. Jane Colette #audiobook #excerpt #listentothis #ConAudioTour

Welcome to Stop 28 & Chapter 28 of the Consequences AudioBook BlogTour
from CONSEQUENCES (of defensive adultery)
an EROTIC tragedy with a HAPPY ending
by M. Jane Colette
performed by Elisa Kae

18+ ADVISORY: Consequences is intended for an adult (18+) audience. It deals with mature subject matter, and contains explicit language and sexual content. Listener and reader discretion is advised.

The tour is bringing romance readers and listeners the opportunity to listen to all 48 full, unabridged chapters of Consequences well in advance of the audiobook’s Christmas release.

Plus, there are fabulous prizes at every stop–including a raffle for $50 Amazon Gift Card–and 48 chances throughout the tour to enter to win a COMPLETE set of M. Jane Colette’s paperbacks–so read through to the end so you don’t miss out!



An affair. HEARTBREAK. Consequences.  ABSOLUTION, redemption, and LOVE… in the most unexpected places–a steamy second chance romance unlike any you’ve ever experienced… featuring an ALPHA lover-confessor you haven’t DARED dream about.

Elizabeth did not plan to break up his marriage when she had an affair with her law school professor. But she did. Fifteen years later, she’s still coming to terms with the consequences of her youthful infatuation: a stepdaughter who hates her, an ex-wife who will never forgive the betrayal,  a sister-in-law who’s determined to make Elizabeth her confidante. Compelled to reveal the “tragedy of her life” to a nameless lover, Elizabeth finds herself forced to reconsider her definition of love, commitment, and responsibility—a process that finally releases her from the shackles of her past mistakes and shows her the way to her own happily-ever-after.

A NOTE ABOUT STRUCTURE: The story unfolds over the course of one night, as the narrator Elizabeth relates the “tragedy of her life” to her current lover as they, to quote a reviewer “do lover things.” The story Elizabeth tells spans 15 years. The scenes between Elizabeth and her lover are pure dialogue, and interrupt the “story proper.” There is no “he said/I said” in the dialogue between Elizabeth and her lover… a challenge the narrator solved masterfully, but which may give the first-time listener pause. To increase your enjoyment of the story, an opportunity to read, as well as listen to, the chapter, is provided.


LISTEN to the full Chapter 28: SECRETS IN A VELVET BAG:

If the audio link won’t work for you, click here: <3 <3


PREFER TO READ? We’re on it. Here is a password-protected link to the written version of this chapter for tour participants’ eyes only:

*****<3 CHAPTER 28: SECRETS IN A VELVET BAG (password: loveindieromance ) <3*****


Enjoyed what you heard/read? The tour continues on Sat Oct 28 with Chapter 29 // BITTERSWEET COFFEE hosted by THE GENRE MINX BOOK REVIEWS.

FIRST STOP: If this blog is your first stop on the tour, you might want to head back to stop number one, hosted by Tome Tender Blog: The Photograph, or to the Tour Home Page, and start from the beginning. There are chances to win prizes at every stop!

SPEAKING OF PRIZES: For a chance to win a copy of Consequences (of defensive adultery), M. Jane Colette’s other books, and an Amazon Gift card, enter here:




ENTER UNTIL 12:00 am Nov 29, 2017



PLUS: GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT ENTRY, PART 28: For a chance to win a COMPLETE HARD COPY SET of M. Jane Colette’s novels, send an email to, and:

  1. put  #ConAudioTour Day 28 in the subject heading,
  2. ask to be added to her Rough Draft Confessions newsletter (or tell Jane you’re already on her mailing list, and it’s awesome, when’s the next love letter coming?) and,
  3. answer the question: “What’s in the velvet bag… and who is it for?”

(The small print: Each tour stop offers you one opportunity to enter the GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT DRAW, for a total of 48 entries if you complete the tour. The books that comprise the GRAND PRIZE are the novels Tell Me, Cherry Pie Cure, and Consequences, and the non-fiction collection of essays Rough Draft Confessions, including its controversially titled, available-only-in-Canada, beta reader / limited edition predecessor.) 



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Softcovers at all the usual places, including Chapters  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Book Depository  Powell’s Books and your favourite retailer


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REMEMBER: The story continues on Sat Oct 28 with Chapter 29 // BITTERSWEET COFFEE hosted by THE GENRE MINX BOOK REVIEWS.


  1. Jane Colettewrites tragedy for people who like to laugh, comedy for the melancholy, and erotica for women and men who like their fantasies real. She believes rules and hearts were made to be broken; ditto the constraints of genres.

Connect with her on Twitter / GoodReads / FaceBook / Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter, Rough Draft Confessions, to stay in the loop on her WIPs, new releases, and fab multi-media, multi-author projects. You can also email her at

For more information about the tour & its other hosts, visit or check out the schedule below.


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FEATURE: Tammy Bailey

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Tammy L. Bailey grew up in historical Appomattox, Virginia and moved to Ohio the day after she graduated high school. A third generation veteran, she joined the Army National Guard in 1988, served five years in the active duty Army, and retired as a Master Sergeant from the Ohio Air National Guard in 2011. She is a wife and a mother of two boys. She is a huge Jane Austen fan and loves watching Jane Austen movie adaptations.

Her debut novel, Lord Bachelor, became a finalist in the Heart of Excellence, Reader’s Choice Awards. Her first full-length historical romance is due for release May 28, 2018.

When she’s not writing contemporary or historical romance, she enjoys Star Wars movie night with her 11-year-old son and going to drumming practice with her 14-year-old son. Fall is her favorite season, the B-17 is her favorite plane, and Hawkeye is her favorite Avenger.

Excerpt from In Mistletoe 

“Do you like rum cake?” he asked to keep himself from having to reevaluate all the reasons again. He admitted Wilhelmina Hawthorne’s dessert was more alcohol than flour, but anything to keep Grace from leaving him to go check her text messages in case the damn wish somehow made it through…not that he believed in the folklore in the first place.

“Sure, but I’m not very good with liquor.” She tucked a piece of dark hair behind her ear.

He chuckled, imagining her getting wild and disrobing on top of his antique coffee table.

“So, what happens with you and alcohol?”

She smiled. “I don’t take off my clothes, if that what you’re asking.”


She laughed but lifted a dainty finger as if to give him a warning. “I fall asleep, so I can have some cake, but keep in mind there’s a very good chance my face will fall flat into the plate after my third bite.”

“I’ll take that chance.”

“It’s your call.” She shrugged. He left her to retrieve Wilhelmina’s prized rum cake, deciding to bring the entire Bundt-shaped dessert with two forks resting on each side. When he entered the room, he found Grace sitting in quiet contemplation, her attention focused on the dormant redbrick fireplace. Since he’d installed the gas furnace several years before, he’d not had any desire to light the fireplace up again, even when his dates hinted several times of how romantic it would be to cuddle before a crackling fire.

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FEATURE: Belle Blackburn

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I was the little nerdette with a library card in my kindergarten hand, reading the kiddie books and planning what I would write. Come college time accounting seemed a more certain way to bring in a dollar so journalism was a minor. Writing was put on the back burner while dollars were made and kids and parents were raised, however, reading was always on the front burner. Probably my biggest influences would be Susan Howatch, Diana Gabaldon and Margaret Mitchell. A conversation with my husband 20 years earlier about suicide vs. murder percolated in the back of my mind and then announced it wanted to be written. I obeyed and out came The Doctor’s Daughter: Journey to Justice. The history of Nashville during the Civil War is just so interesting and so important at that time but most people won’t sit down with a history book so I sneaked the history and the antebellum law and medicine in with a good story. The story continues with a second book, The Doctor’s Daughter: The Choice.

Excerpt from The Doctor’s Daughter: Journey to Justice 

Curiosity got the best of me.  I just had to know.  “Is it true you cut up dead people for practice?”

He seemed entertained by the question.  “Yes, that’s true.”

I turned toward him.  “Where do you get them?”

“I don’t know.  It’s against the law to dig people up but there is no law against importing bodies from somewhere else.  They arrive at the school in some odd packages.  You never know what you are going to find when a crate or big bag arrives.  So we just don’t ask any questions.”

I shuddered.

“I really enjoy the surgery on live people much more.  I was one of hundreds who got to watch a brain tumor being removed recently.”

I had no idea what the appropriate response to seeing a brain tumor removed would be so I sat silently, watching the familiar buildings go by as we got closer to town.  I spoke this time.  “So why did you go to the bee and why did you invite me tonight?”

“The usual reasons,” he said with a hook on the end, like I was asking a redundant question.

“What usual reasons?”

“The same reason any other man would.  You understand.”

“Actually no, I don’t,” I said sharply, fearing what he was going to say, wondering what horrible things he had presumed of me, perhaps making assumptions due to my notoriety.

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