Questions with Characters: Xavier from One

Hellooo, Xavier! Thanks so much for joining us today!! Give us a quick rundown of your story and the role you play.

Thanks for having me. It’s basically the story of how Annabelle and I meet, it’s the start of our journey together, and it’s a pretty rocky start. I kind of accuse her of slaughtering her family *squirms uncomfortably* so its pretty hard to work my way into her good graces after that. I do manage it but only after making things a hundred times worse and almost getting her killed. I think we better move on to the next question before I convince her that dating me is a bad idea.


What surprised you the most about being the main hunk in a romantic suspense novel?

I have to balance my love life with my cop life, and the two cross paths. Often. Makes building a relationship pretty tricky when sometimes it’s hard enough just to keep your girl alive.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the media recently, but you were voted the People’s Choice out of all the Count to Ten heroes. What are your feelings about this? And how do you deal with jealousy from the other male characters?

Hahaha! I think its funny, and kind of cool, makes all those hours at the gym worth it, and Belle thinks it’s pretty awesome, even if she’s too embarrassed to say it out loud. Ryan and Jack keep pestering Jane to take me out of the equation and give them a chance to win. Ryan didn’t say anything but I noticed he’s been spending some time on his hair lately, and Jack stopped snacking on Oreos all day long. *shakes head in amusement*


If they did a film adaptation of the book, who would be cast to play you? Who would be cast to play Annabelle?

Stephen Amell for me, Arrow is my favorite show so that would be kind of cool to see him playing me. And Emma Watson for Annabelle, she kind of has that sweet but strong vibe, just like Belle.

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SPOTLIGHT: Carol Devine

Hi Carol! Thank you so much for being here today and answering some questions for us!


What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m a Lyft driver. When I’m not driving, I’m walking my Chihuahua mutt who needs a surprising amount of exercise. If I didn’t have him, I’d be on my butt far too many hours a day.


When did you start writing?



I saw that you won the 1st place Golden Heart award from RWA. Congratulations!- Can you tell us more about the award itself and how did it feel when you found out you won? Were you jumping up and down like crazy?

Winning was a surreal moment, for sure. RWA does an incredible job at their annual meetings – this one was in Chicago, with a big decorated ballroom, everybody dressed to impress. All the finalists had to sit near the front and I was allowed two friends to surround myself with, thank God. It’s like the Academy Awards for Romance.

When I heard my name, I didn’t believe it. But I could tell from my friends’ reaction that it was true. Walking up the stairs to the stage, all I was hoping was that I wouldn’t trip over my own feet. When I arrived at the microphone, I went blank so I rattled off the RWA affiliates in Colorado I belonged to, hoping that my friends wouldn’t feel slighted. I was in a critique group which had helped me hone my craft. The rest of the evening, I don’t remember… it went by so fast. I do remember calling my husband and three kids who were 11 and 8 (twins) at the time, and they were very excited.

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Questions with Characters: Cale from Hart Broken

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us about your story. What is it about and what role do you play?

Cale: Can’t people just read the book?

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?

Cale: Am I being punked?
Mickey: Be nice.
C: I will when they start asking legitimate questions.
M: That is a legit question for romance readers.
C: You’ve got to be kidding me.
M: Nope.
C: Well, I don’t know…
M: Your eyes.
C: (grumbles)
M: Your smile.
C: (grumbles)
M: Your third nipple.
C: I don’t have a third nipple.
M: Shh, just sell it.

This may be a little rude, but it has to do with your story so I’m going to ask it anyway. How has being a paraplegic affected you in the romance department? Not just with you and Mickey but with women in general?

C: I’d be lying if I said people don’t notice the chair first. Even Mickey did, remember?
M: Yep, but I got over it when I realized you were filthy, stinkin’ rich.
C: Well, that was an axe to the fucking nuts.
M: Aw, come on. You thought it was funny.
C: You’re so lucky I love you, woman.

Do you have any birthmarks or tattoos?

C: No.
M: You suck at interviews.
C: I answered the question.
M: Yep, and you sucked at it.
C: Why don’t you just take over then?
M: Hmm, that’s a good idea.
C: (rolls eyes)

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SPOTLIGHT: Elodie Colt

Welcome to Spotlight Saturday! We have the lovely Elodie Colt joining us today. She writes romantic suspense. Let’s find out more…

Your debut novel, In Blood We Trust, has some scifi, suspense, and romance. It’s also set in the future, 2078. Describe your future for us. What drew you to write a story in the future?

I always had a thing for futuristic/dystopian stories like “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, or movies like “I Robot” or “Eagle Eye”. All these stories tell about a perfect world that’s not so perfect in the end. I wanted to create something similar but tried to stay as realistic as possible.

One of the futuristic aspects in my book is the universal “Key”—similar to an iPhone. People depend on it. It’s not just a phone but functions as a house key, a wallet, and contains every sort of document like driver’s license, passport, medical consultation history, and so on. I also added little things I imagined could exist in the future, like fast magnetic levitation trains instead of subways, cars powered by solar engine and equipped with software chips to prevent speeding, and drones buzzing around the city delivering goods. Additionally, I created futuristic weapons like guns with a corner shot function or the “Blaster”—a weapon shooting off shockwaves.

There are more cancer patients in the future as, with time, the world’s ozone layer started to crumble. Since then, the outside temperature increased so it’s hot all the time, the fertile land became rarer, and the rate of miscarriages became alarmingly high, causing the world’s population to decimate drastically.

In Blood We Trust, there’s been a cure for cancer, but with a side effect. Where did this idea come from? What is the cure itself? Where do your ideas, in general, come from? 

I guess my father inspired me. He was diagnosed with cancer years ago and has to go through chemotherapy every three weeks. Imagine a world where there’s a remedy for cancer!

The Cure is a liquid medicine that comes in biotubes. People who want to receive this Cure need to register at the SDCT—the Scientific Department for Cancer Treatment. The Cure is dependent on the indication, meaning: There’s a different Cure for leukemia, breast cancer, etc. The worse the cancer, the stronger the Cure. The “Recipients”, as I call them, need to pay a lot of money for that, so there are always people who can’t afford it.

The side effect is that the Cure is such a strong substance it kills the blood cells which results in internal blood loss. Therefore, the Recipients need to consume human blood from the same blood type which is why there are also “Donors”—the healthy people who are obliged to donate the blood.

I got inspired by the movie “Daybreakers” with Ethan Hawke where a virus makes everyone a vampire and blood becomes a rare good. I wanted to avoid writing a vampire story so I chose a different approach.

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Questions with Characters: Leila from The Merchants Pearl

Thank you so much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do! Are you the main character in the story or a supporting role? What do you do for a living? How old are you?
Thank you, Ember. It was lovely of you to invite me here today. It means so much to me that you would take interest in my story, The Merchant’s Pearl.
To give a little insight on me, my name is Leila. I’m nearly nineteen years old and tragically trapped within the confines of Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul. In fact, I’ve been enslaved to this palace since I was eleven years old. Here, I am a concubine (sex slave) within the Imperial harem of Sultan Abdulaziz. Well, I don’t really belong to the Sultan ‘Aziz anymore. Many months ago I was selected to serve one of his sons, Prince Emre. Although I did so begrudgingly, I should go ahead and tell you now, it was with Emre that my long-held story of tragedy took its turn. You see, not every son is like his father. Sometimes…one finds their freedom through unexpected doors of love.

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?
Oh, my name should make it easy enough for me to answer this. You see, my Christian name was Sarai, but it’s customary for every girl to receive a new name at the palace. The head eunuch took one look at me and named me Leila, meaning “Dark Beauty” because of my long, dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. I was a little browned by the sun back then. Now, within the palace, my skin is strikingly fair. But overall, the Sultan has surrounded himself with lovely girls with blond tresses. These seem to be his favorite spoils of war.

Do you have any birthmarks or tattoos?
No birthmarks. They’re actually not allowed. And although nearly every girl here has been laced with henna tattoos, I have yet to receive one. It’s not that I find them unattractive. My friend, Dariya, has some that are most exquisite. But for me, I honestly just try to cause as little attention as possible.

Would you ever want to go hang out with your author? If so, what would you do together?
Yes! I believe we would venture somewhere on horseback. Perhaps take a small picnic and some excellent books into an open field.

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Time for Spotlight Saturday again! Joining us today is R.L. Jackson. She writes contemporary romance. Let’s find out more…

Thanks for joining us on Love Indie Romance, R.L.! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m from Florida, the very hot state of Florida where we wear flip flops and shorts year round and pray for Christmas weather every year to no avail lol. I’ve been writing since I was 12, starting with short stories which then turned into screenplays later on and now I’m diving into the novel writing world. I love my family fiercely and there’s very little I wouldn’t do for them.

Your debut novel, Crashing Into Me, has a headstrong nurse, Lana, and a wealthy, handsome guy, Kayden. Kayden’s dealing with the death of his brother. Death is never easy. Describe how difficult it was to portray that kind of character.

I think everyone has had to deal with death in some way or another, so for me, it was pulling from my own life experiences that helped me be able to express what he was going through. It, of course, brings up those experiences I’ve had which was tough at times, but I think having an outlet in any form helps you deal.

Crashing Into Me is book one. How many more books can we expect in this series? Will each be considered a standalone? When is the next book due out?

My plan is wrap up the story in Book 2 unless my characters have different plans by the time I’m done with it. This will be a continuation. Book 2 is due out in June.

When Crashing Into Me debuted (On Valentine’s Day) it was still ranking really great a few days later, especially in Books>Romance>Multicultural at #102. Congrats! Describe what kind of multicultural aspects a reader can expect. Would you say it was more difficult or easier to write? Why?

Thank you, I thought that was so awesome!!! For Multicultural, shes’s a Caribbean-born black female, he’s an American born white male. Other characters in the story share similar backgrounds as well. The differences of their skin and origins aren’t the central storyline, it’s more of a matter-of-fact thing.

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