Lines you love

Here’s mine:

Last night was a mistake that won’t happen again.

But last night isn’t quite last night yet and tomorrow hasn’t quite arrived and in this moment…

My wife is still mine.

If you’re an author…

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Never made the cut

Here’s mine:

“For a second, I thought I’d lost the only person left that I…”

As Kit’s voice trailed off, his gaze traveled down the delicate chain to the sizable diamond nestled between her breasts. X plucked it into his palm and exhaled a slow, heavy breath. “It’s about time we get married.”

Her head shot up, tear-ridden eyes wide with shock.

Fingers curling firmly around the engagement ring, he jerked her hard into his chest. “You loved me once,” he said through gritted teeth. The words were almost an accusation.

“I did”, she admitted quietly. “Once.”

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Love is sacrifice

Here’s mine:

A blush creeps into her cheeks as she tears her gaze away from me. “Sorry for staring.”

Izzy doesn’t need to apologize. And she certainly doesn’t need to be shy. She’s allowed to stare at whatever the hell she wants to whenever the fuck she feels like it. I may be ashamed of some scars on my body, but never the ones I earned protecting her.

Those are an honor.

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(Yet Another) Reader’s Choice

Here’s mine:

You go through life expecting paper cuts. You go through life learning from knife wounds. You go through life surviving the rest.

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A little rough

Here’s mine:

A sharp jolt of pain shoots through my chest. I cough and pant and whimper all at once. My left arm is burning so fucking bad. My hand tingles and goes numb.

He slips a finger under the waistband of my panties and slowly travels north, making me tense in anticipation. Twisting the lace around his fist, he yanks them aside so damn hard my feet come off the ground. The tip of his dick is inside before I’ve even regained my balance. There’s no warning. He impales me into the trunk a second later.

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Mad as hell

Here’s mine:

I am pissed.

Absolutely mother-fucking livid.

I might deserve to die for what I did to him, but I don’t deserve this.

The world isn’t well defined. Lines are normally blurry. Boundaries aren’t typically clear. Right isn’t always good and good isn’t always just. Wrong isn’t necessarily bad and bad is rarely objective, if ever. The majority of choices aren’t black-and-white. Most decisions exist only in grayscale.

Except this.

No man, woman, or child deserves this.

He knows that better than anyone.

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Not good

Here’s mine:

She crumbled into my arms.

Along with her trust in me. Her faith in us. Her belief in forever.

It all fucking crumbled into my arms.

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