7 Must-have Qualities for a Book Cover that Sells


I’ve changed my covers a bazillion times. Okay, maybe not quite THAT many but I have actually changed the cover for my first book 8 times (and will likely keep doing it tee hee). If you don’t believe me, go look on Goodreads and you’ll find 6 of the 8 different versions haha! Yeah, I’m clearly not attached to covers at all. I mean, if you guaranteed that a selfie of Mr. Bigglesworth with vomit-colored Papyrus font slapped on top would sell a ton of copies?

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To Pre-Order or not to Pre-order

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of experimenting with, well, absolutely everything. So, of course, I’ve been playing around with pre-orders for my current series.

  • Book One: None cuz I tossed it into the wild at random haha! No, really. Totally random.
  • Book Two: 3 weeks
  • Book Three: 6 weeks (currently 4 weeks in/2 weeks left)

Personally, I’ve found that a longer pre-order tough to “maintain” since the majority of sales happen when I first announce and my Amazon ranks peak at 5-7 days into a pre-order. Therefore, I’ll be doing 5-7 day pre-orders moving forward. Brilliant, I know! LOL But, for reals, I reckon everyone has a different experience with this, eh? So here’s a super informative article by the fabulous Chris McMullen:

To Pre-Order or not to Pre-order

Hope that helps a wee bit!


Mistress Ann

8 Lies Authors Tell Themselves about Book Marketing

This article.

This article is blunt. This article is hard-hitting. This article might make you scream. Or pout. Or cry. All at once. For oh-so-many reasons.

This article speaks directly to my soul.

Seriously, though, have you ever heard someone say stuff like…

  1. “Oh it’s easy for you, you’ve got a big platform!”
  2. “But you spent a lot of money, and I don’t have any.”
  3. “I’m not good with computers and I don’t know how to do all that stuff.”
  4. “You have a lot of friends who will promote for you.”
  5. “I’m a writer, not a book marketer.”
  6. “Readers aren’t smart enough to like my book.”
  7. “I’m doing everything right but my books aren’t selling!”
  8. “Giving my books away for free teaches readers not to buy.”

Or even said them yourself?

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Writing gender specific dialogue

Writing believable dialogue is an important part of any book. No matter what genre we read we want to feel like the people are real people, that they behave in a believable way, that they react to things in a believable way, and that they speak in a believable way. Unbelievable, unnatural, or forced dialogue can all be things that take us out of the book and disrupt our enjoyment of it.

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What should you put in your email newsletter?

Since we already talked about email lists last week and y’all are probably sick of hearing me blab on and on about them, the only logical choice for this week is to…

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