The #1 Reason Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

Confession: I totally did NOT research the market at all before publishing due to the whole never-thought-I’d-publish-jack-squat thing.

Hmm. I’ll be totally honest cuz partially honest is pretty shady, eh? I kinda sorta got lucky because 1) I found a very specific audience (wounded hero romance) without much searching (literally a 5-minute Google search)  and 2) Me Before You came out with perfect timing and put disabled characters on the map in a very big way.  Thanks, Jojo Moyes!

Anyhoo, I know some indies just write what they love but…

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Basic ingredients for writing romantic suspense

I adore this article on writing romantic suspense!! Wish I had come across it sooner!! It is full of links to lots of super helpful sites crammed full of information!!

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Book Blurbs: Selling the Story vs. Telling the Story

Y’all know I’m a bit crazy. Like from-a-whole-different-universe type crazy. I mean, I’d have to be since I enjoy writing blurbs, eh? Because, yeah…

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The seven deadly sins of paranormal romance

It has been a while since I’ve really had much to do with anything paranormal either writing or watching, but I did go through a HUGE Charmed phase, and I have to admit I totally loved when Phoebe fell in love with Cole, even more so when he became the Source of all Evil, but okay, yeah totally rambling now and stopping myself before I get distracted . . .

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Authors Gone Wild: Bad Behavior & Poor Etiquette

Everyone already knows I can sometimes be always am loud and obnoxious, eh? Everyone also knows I correspond with a ton of my readers since I adore them to pieces and can never ever ignore an email and/or message (nor do I want to). Plus the whole loud and obnoxious thing, remember? 😉 That said, I’m not a d*ck about it. At least, I hope I’m not…

Any readers who’ve found me offensive, please don’t hesitate to publicly reprimand a.k.a. rip me a new one below. Or email me if you’re slightly less aggressive than that haha! But, seriously, I feel like such a lucky bugger that anyone actually reads my crap, much less wants to talk to me, ya know? So, yeah, I kinda sorta get a bit protective of readers (and their honest opinions).

Anyhoo, one of my favorite blogs, Knockin’ Books, posted an article yesterday that made me go, “Yes, uh-huh, yes, exactly, yesss!” I think they hit the nail on the head about the 5 behaviors that can lose authors a boatload of fans…

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How to Sell an E-book on Your WordPress Site

Before I ever considered publishing on Amazon, before the thought even crossed my mind to become this strange creature called an author…

I was happily serializing chapters online as I wrote them for a teeny tiny group of crazily loyal readers. Well, when I finished and they asked me to make an e-book version, I simply couldn’t say no. I can never say no to them. Seriously. It’s a problem. Anyhoo, I agreed to whip my posts into a digital copy and sell it on my fiction blog/website. Then I remembered that I didn’t have a single clue about how to do that. But y’all know I’m the master of Googling stuff, right?

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