39 Villain Motivations 

I came across this article and just loved it!! Most books have a villain of some sort, doesn’t have to be some sort of crazy serial killer, so hopefully you find some ideas for what motivates your bad guys in this great article!

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3 Simple Ways to Engage on your Author Facebook Page

I’m always looking for ways to improve my social media skills and be as engaging as possible with my readers, and fellow authors, on Facebook. I want to get the most out of every single thing I post, and I have a super obsessive need to reply to EVERY single comment anyone makes on my posts, sometimes in takeovers that can be over 100!!

Anyways, I’m always wanting to improve, so I’m always looking for articles or advice on what I can do better, I came across . . .

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Make FREE book teasers & promo material in MS Word

Confession #1: I like pretty things.

Confession #2: I totally half-*ssed these teasers and didn’t even bother adding text. Meh. You get the picture.

FREE with Boxshot Lite & MS Word

Personally, I’m a fan of Ps/InDesign, but I realize some of you guys are either on a tight budget or wouldn’t touch design software with a 10-foot pole 😂 sooo I’m gonna share a hack-ish way to make book teasers using a free online tool and MS Word. Cool beans?

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44 Essential Twitter hashtags every author should know

Okay so I’m sure you’re all much better with Twitter and hashtags than I am, but I always struggle to know what the best hashtags are and how to make the most of Twitter, so of course that means I have to research it!

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Is FREE a good book marketing strategy?

Disclaimer: I’ve never personally run a KDP free campaign. The only complimentary copies I’ve given out have been for review.

That said, I do believe it can be an effective strategy, especially when part of a series. Anyhoo, came across this article on the topic and thought some of y’all might find it helpful…

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