The Challenges of 1st Person POV

Up till last year, I’d written exclusively in 3rd person limited omniscient and then I did some deep diving into the mind of my hero and totally fell in love with 1st person. It’s kinda my writing drug of choice now. That said, I find it waaaay different than 3rd person. Like, I’ve switched a couple chapters from one POV to the other, and it took a ton of (painful) rewriting. Anyhoo, I came across this little article some of y’all might find helpful…

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Is Your Author Website Doing Its Job?

Some authors have been asking me about websites recently (not sure why cuz I’m no expert haha) and I’ve also been cleaning up mine a wee bit, so I wanted to share this article I found…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Injuring your Fictional Characters

Disclaimer: I have a personal interest in obsession with this topic.

Everyone knows I prefer my injured heroes to remain wounded/damaged/whatever and am not personally a huge fan of the “miraculous” recovery. Yeah, I know it’s fiction, but a couple bullets lodged in your shoulder and thigh are totally gonna leave permanent damage in real life. Soooo if the dude isn’t limping and can still reach the top shelf, I want him to at least feel a residual ache whenever it gets cold, ya know? Anyhoo, found this little article…

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