Choosing the perfect character name

Choosing character names is one of my least favourite things to do. Ever!!

There are so many names out there and yet it always feels like I’ve used every single one of them! Having to name my main characters isn’t so bad, sometimes, but then there are all the secondary characters, and the occasional one scene character that needs a name, and then they all need last names, and its just too much!

How do you go about picking names for your characters?

Sometimes I have a name already in mind, but those times are few and far between. So I’ve used a range of different techniques for those many, many, many other times! I have picked names I liked, I have used names that specifically go with a character’s personality, I have randomly chosen names and hoped for the best, I have mixed and matched first and last names of people I know, and I have thrown it into the hands of someone else and asked for name suggestions!

Here’s an article that might help you if you’re like me and dread having to name all the characters in your books!

Name that character!


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