Crazy stupid love

Here’s mine:

The crazy girl tackled me.

I didn’t even see it coming. She tipped my chair over backward, knocking me right out of the damn seat. And landed hard on top of me, knocking the wind right out of my lungs.

As the room swirled above, her panicked voice clawed through the fog, “Oh, my God, Cale. Are you okay?”

Crazy fucking girl.

I nodded, attempting to catch my breath while the fancy-ass ceiling tiles came into focus. Guess I must’ve cracked my skull on the floor too.

“I can’t believe that actually happened.”

A sixteen-pound titanium wheelchair with no brakes vs. a stunningly gorgeous human torpedo with no fear.

Physics 101.

What the fuck did she expect would happen?

If you’re an author…

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Mistress Ann

3 thoughts on “Crazy stupid love

  1. Here’s mine – Lives Collide

    My heart races as if it would jump out of my chest and run away. As instinct kicks in, I unbuckle my seat belt. When I open the door, I fall out and land in a pile of slush. My sweatpants and sneakers are soaked. I pull myself up by grabbing the car door. My legs are shaking and feel weighed down by bricks. Running is the only option, but it’s almost impossible because I can hardly get my feet off the ground. The pain in my stomach grows worse. I push myself to move, and adrenaline suddenly pumps through my veins.

    As I try to run, I hear a car. I look to the left and see a young guy driving up next to

  2. ‘I brought you something,’ she said, opening her handbag and taking out the bear she’d bought downstairs. It was a mottled brown with a yellow Mohican, somewhere between cute and ugly. And one of the few teddies they’d had in the stupid shop. ‘The gifts were crap,’ she added, holding it out for him.

    Astin smiled, taking it from her and hugging it. ‘I like it. I think I’ll call it Hollie, and I’ll call you Bear.’

    ‘You’re calling a bear with a Mohican Hollie?’

    ‘You don’t mind being called Bear?’

    ‘Doesn’t bother me.’

    ‘Bear it is.’

  3. Clumsy rather than stupid moment really.

    Sophie was lost in her own little world again a few days later, when she was on the lunch run. As she picked up the bag of sandwiches in the bakery she turned, not paying attention, and bumped into a very nice suit.

    “I’m so sorry,” she stammered, completely embarrassed. She blushed even more as she looked up into a pair of smiling brown eyes.

    “No, no. It’s my fault, I was standing in the way.” His voice was smooth and deep and sophisticated, and…ahhh…just dreamy!

    Sophie dashed out the shop before she could say anything completely stupid, and therefore avoided any further embarrassment. His image was burned into her mind though, and all afternoon she was lost in a daydream of those brown eyes.

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