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WS Carmichael is a new Indie author and lover of all things romance. When not writing, she’s usually either spending time with her husband, Doug, and three teenage children or at her day job as a nurse.

Excerpt from At Long Last (A Laurel Creek Romance)

We’re done eating, but still sitting at the table when I bring up the elephant in the room. I pour us each another glass of wine before I say. “Dylan, can I ask you something?” He looks wary, but nods his head, so I continue. “Did you stop the other night because you don’t want this or because you think you shouldn’t want this?”

He lets out a deep sigh as I stand up and start clearing the table. “Jenni Lynn, it wouldn’t be right. You’re my friend, I can’t take advantage of you like that. I’ll be leaving again soon. Then what? I don’t do long distance relationships. I won’t do that to you.” He explains.

Exactly what I thought he’d say. He wants this. I just need to convince him I can make my own decisions. I put the dishes in the sink and stand behind him. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I begin kneading the tight muscles.

He starts to relax and I speak. “I am a big girl, going into this with my eyes wide open. I want you. I want this.”

I lean closer and kiss a trail down the side of his neck. He puts his hand over mine, but otherwise makes no move to stop me. He squeezes my hand tighter and makes a strangled noise in his throat as I nip his earlobe. I breathe in his cologne and taste the faint saltiness of his skin. I move to kiss the other side of his neck, licking the rapid pulse at the base.

He makes a halfhearted attempt to dissuade me. “Jenni Lynn, please stop. You’re killing me. I’m trying so hard to be good.”

“So, stop trying. Let’s just have fun, no promises, no obligations.” I feel the indecision humming through his veins.

I know I’m playing dirty. Just like I knew I was playing dirty when I got dressed for tonight. It wasn’t by chance I chose a short sundress similar to the one I wore the first night we went to dinner. Only, this time, it’s warm enough to skip the sweater. The low cut neckline and thin straps drew his attention multiple times during dinner. I abruptly stop the assault on his neck and walk back to the sink.

“Make a decision, Dylan. If you really want to stay just friends, that’s ok with me. If you want more, that’s ok, too. But, do NOT start something you don’t intend to finish.” I say.

My back is to him, but I hear the chair scrape across the floor as he stands. I’m half expecting him to walk out the door. I shiver slightly as he wraps his arms around my waist from behind and pulls me closer. He moves the hair off my neck, mimicking the trail of kisses I made down his neck only moments earlier.

He whispers, “A better man would say no. A better man would be stronger than this. You deserve a better man who can give you everything I can’t.”

He spins me around and lifts me onto the counter in one swift move. He steps between my legs and runs his hands up my thighs. “So soft.” He murmurs as he pulls me closer, sliding my ass to the edge of the counter before he kisses me.

His mouth is hard and possessive on mine. I wrap my legs around his waist, locking him in place. It seems as if his hands are everywhere at once, and I can’t get enough of him. He tears his mouth from mine, only to focus his attention on my neck. His hand slides up my ribcage to cup my breast, and as his thumb brushes my nipple, I draw in a ragged breath. The wetness is already pooling between my legs. I’d like to savor our first time, but my body is on fire, driving me wild with need.

I pull his shirt from his waistband and he picks me up.

“Where?” He rasps.

We stay locked together, with my legs around his waist, as he carries me to my bedroom. Dylan gently sets me on the bed, caging me in with his arms. My hands slide under his shirt, exploring the hard ridges. My touch encourages him to slide the thin straps off my shoulders before easing the zipper on my dress down. It falls to my waist, exposing my breasts.

“So fucking perfect.” He says before taking one puckered nipple in his mouth while massaging the other with his thumb.

I press his head tighter to my chest as he moves his mouth to my other nipple. The flood of heat at my core is overwhelming as I tug at his shirt again.

“Take this off. I want to feel you against me.” I beg.

Dylan steps back, pulling his shirt over his head while simultaneously kicking off his boots. The light dusting of hair on his muscular chest converges to a thin trail that disappears below the waistband of his jeans. My fingers itch to trace its path.

I attempt to kick my heels off, but Dylan stops me.

“Leave them on.” He says as he eases my dress over my hips, tossing it on the floor, leaving me lying on the bed in only my panties and heels. The look of possession on his face leaves me feeling both vulnerable and powerful.

Dylan leans down to begin anew his exploration. He kisses and licks a trail from my neck to my breasts before pulling each nipple into his mouth in turn. His hands slide up my thighs, achingly close to my core. Ignoring my squirming, those powerful hands continue on their path upward, caressing each breast before returning to my hips and back down my thighs, taking my panties with them. Open and exposed, I whimper as Dylan slides one finger through my soaked cleft, teasing my swollen clit. I groan in despair as he takes his hand away too soon.

He kneels on the floor in front of me, grabs my ankles and pulls me closer to edge of the bed. I feel, rather than see, him inhale my scent as his tongue replaces his finger. I cry out at the first touch of his hot mouth on me.

He moans into me, causing vibrations to tease my already sensitive flesh. “Mmm. Your pussy tastes so fucking good, so fucking wet.”

His dirty talk sends me over the edge and I cry out as I come apart with his mouth on me.

When I come back to earth, Dylan is gently skimming his lips across my stomach. He stops and looks up at me. The hungry look in his eyes sets my blood on fire again. I smile and beckon him closer with one finger. He obliges, crawling back onto the bed with me. I push him onto his back and straddle him.

I imitate his exploration of my body, beginning with a trail of kisses down his neck to his chest. He groans and pulls my hair lightly when I playfully bite his nipple. My hands follow the trail of hair disappearing into his jeans.

I gently tug at the button and say “Take them off.”

Dylan’s hands are shaking slightly as he carefully eases the zipper past his swollen cock. I help him slide his jeans and boxer briefs over his powerful thighs before once again straddling him, kissing and licking my way down his chest and abdomen. I reach the swollen head of his manhood, already glistening. I wrap my hand around his length and lick the salty drop from the tip.

He fists his hand in my hair and begs “Jenni Lynn, please.”

I lick from the base to the tip and feel him twitch as I take him fully into my mouth. I moan around his girth, reveling in the feel of my lips around him as he reaches down to slip one finger inside me. I take him deeper and faster in my mouth, matching the rhythm of his hand. Just when I think I can’t take another second of his teasing, Dylan takes his hand away. He pulls his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop.

He stands up, drawing me up with him. The fierceness in his eyes makes me shiver before he turns me around. I hear him tear open the condom and wait anxiously as he puts it on. With a flat hand on my back, he eases me down until my elbows rest on the bed. His strong hands move to my hips as he eases his hard cock into my soaked pussy. I feel myself stretch to accommodate his impressive size, and moan at the sensation. Dylan reaches up to take my hand in his, guiding it to my clit. I caress the swollen nub as his hard length slides in and out of my slippery sheath.

“Come for me, Jenni Lynn.” Dylan calls out as he pumps his hips faster.

I feel the first spasms starting and scream as he pounds into me harder and harder. We tumble over the edge together, and collapse exhausted onto the bed.

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