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Susan Coventry is an avid reader of contemporary romance, historical fiction and women’s fiction. She has a degree in Elementary Education although she never became a teacher. After several years of working in the insurance and real estate industries, she became a stay-at-home mom, and was finally able to pursue her true passion–writing! Today, Susan spends most of her time writing “fun and flirty” romance novels that are lighthearted with a touch of humor. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading, enjoying time with her husband and two daughters, or walking their Labradoodle. Susan lives just outside the historic Village of Clarkston, Michigan where all of her novels take place.

Excerpt from Custom Built for Me 

They were parked at the very back of the subdivision now, blocked from sight by a large copse of trees, and the rain had started up again in earnest.  Suddenly, sitting with Shane in a parked truck in the pouring rain felt very intimate.  

“I’m good with my hands, huh?” he said and then reached across the seat and picked up one of her hands in his.  

Jess watched him rub his thumb gently across the back of her hand, and she immediately felt a twinge between her legs.  

“Yes,” she said, gazing deep into his eyes.  



“Have you ever made love in the back seat of a truck on a rainy day?”

Jess’s eyes grew wide, and he laughed.  “You mean here?  Right now?”

“Why not?”

“But…but…what if we get caught?”

“By whom?” Shane said as he started crawling over the console to get in the back.  

“I don’t know.  By the police?”

Shane chuckled again as he shucked off his jacket and began to lift his t-shirt over his head.  “You worry too much.  Even if the cops come, we’re not trespassing.  I own this property.”  And off came his shirt.  He was unzipping his jeans as he said, “We’re not going to get caught.  Trust me.”  

Jess stared at him incredulously as he stripped off his jeans.  Now he sat in the backseat in just his underwear, with a beaming smile on his face.

“C’mon.  Take a risk,” he goaded as he patted the empty seat next to him.  

I already am, Jess thought as she climbed over the console.  With my heart.

Shane helped her out of her jacket as she slipped off her shoes.  The rain fell in sheets against the windows, and the glass was fogging up.  Even if someone does drive by they’ll have a hard time seeing in, Jess thought as she lifted her arms so Shane could pull the shirt over her head.  Tugging off her jeans was more difficult as she lay back in the seat and offered her legs to Shane.  They laughed as they jostled around, trying to remove the rest of their clothes, until, finally, they were both naked.  

The back seat was surprisingly roomy, and Jess was able to stretch out comfortably, but for Shane’s tall frame, it was a bit of a challenge.  I can’t believe I’m doing this, Jess thought as Shane’s mouth descended on hers.  But a few minutes later, her fear of getting caught slipped away, and she gave in to Shane’s sensual exploration.  

After a thorough kissing that left her breathless, he moved down to capture a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the hard nub until she moaned.  He repeated the sweet torture on the other nipple while his hand drifted over her stomach and down to her damp center.  

“I can’t get to you,” Jess panted.

“That’s ok.  Let’s just concentrate on you right now.”

When Shane inserted his finger deep inside her, Jess bucked up into his hand.  She felt shameless, spread out in the backseat with him, open to everything he had to give.  Jess had a flashback of making out in an old beater with a boy she had liked in high school.  That experience didn’t hold a candle to this.  Shane was an expert at giving her pleasure, and he was the most unselfish lover she had ever had.  She longed to touch him and feel him inside her, but his ministrations were about to tip her over the edge.  

“Just let go, Jess.  There’s nobody here but us.”

Between him tweaking her nipple with one hand and fondling her core with the other, and given his reassuring words, Jess came apart, squeezing around his finger and yelling, “Shane!” at the same time.  

He kissed her gently as she floated back down, leaving his finger in place until her entire body relaxed.  

When Shane leaned up, presumably to retrieve a condom from his jeans pocket, Jess put a hand on his arm to stop him.  “I have another idea,” she said.  “Sit back.”

Shane smirked at her but did as she asked, leaning back against the side of the truck with one leg on the floor to brace himself.  Jess crawled over him and took his erection in her hands.  

“You’re good with your hands too,” he said, staring down at her while she stroked his heated flesh.  

He was rock hard and glistening, and Jess felt just as turned on as when he had been pleasuring her.  “What about my mouth?” she said, hardly believing her boldness as she dipped her head down and encased his erection with her mouth.  

Shane arched his hips up to meet her and gripped the sides of the seat until his arm muscles bulged with the effort.  “Holy…”

His words were lost, and his body tightened as she alternated between using her hands and mouth on him until he growled with the pleasure of his release.  When it was over, Jess basked with him in the afterglow, snuggling into his side the best she could without falling off the seat.  

“Wow,” Shane said.  “For someone who was afraid of getting caught, you certainly didn’t let it stop you!”

“You can be very convincing,” Jess replied, although what she was thinking was: I lose my head when I’m with you.       

Shane gave her a squeeze.  “Think of all the new things you’ve tried since we’ve been…”

“Together? Or since we’ve been having sex?” Jess said, but she wasn’t being accusatory.  She was just curious about what he had been about to say.  

“Jess,” he warned.  

“Sorry,” she said and started to push off him, but he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back down.  

Shane placed his index finger beneath her chin and tilted her head up.  Gazing into her eyes, he said, “I care about you, Jess—a lot.  I like spending time with you, and there’s no doubt that I want you.  Can’t that be enough for now?”

Jess studied him for a few beats, relishing their intimacy and appreciating his honesty.  And because she didn’t want to lose him, didn’t want to lose whatever this was between them, she nodded and said, “Yes, it’s enough.  For now.”  

Shane smiled and kissed her again, and she thought, Why did I have to go and fall in love with you?

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