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A.K. Evans is a married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Lafayette College in 2004 with two degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business), she pursued a career in the insurance and financial services industry. Not long after, Evans realized the career was not for her. She went on to manage her husband’s performance automotive business and drive the shop race cars for the next thirteen years. While the business afforded her freedoms she wouldn’t necessarily have had in a typical 9-5 job, after eleven years she was no longer receiving personal fulfillment from her chosen career path. Following many discussions, lots of thought, and tons of encouragement, Andrea decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.
Between her day job, writing, and homeschooling her two boys, Evans is left with very little free time left. When she finds scraps of spare time, Evans enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing, and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska and Hawaii might require flights).

Excerpt from Everything I Need (The Everything Series, Book 1)

Charley and I were in the limo on the way back to my place. This was after we left Lou’s and stopped first at her place. Everyone, the guys and the girls, went in and we all hung with Charley’s friends for a few minutes while she packed a bag to take to my house that night.

I know she had been a little hesitant to spend the night with me at my place since Nikki and Monroe were here only one more night. Thankfully, they not only reassured her that it was fine, but also encouraged her to go with me. Despite me not knowing the cause of Emme’s nightmares, it was clear that Nikki and Monroe knew that Charley had never spent the night away from Emme. I’m certain that was part of the reason they pushed so hard for her to come and spend the night with me. This would be her first time spending the night at my place and I was very much looking forward to falling asleep with and waking up in my bed with her wrapped in my arms. I was having everyone over tomorrow so I knew she’d be able to spend the day with her girls then.

After she packed a bag and everyone said their good-byes, we dropped my boys off at Stone’s place since they had all met up there. We told them we’d see them all tomorrow and were now alone in the limo going to my house.

Stone’s place was about twenty-five minutes from my home, so the moment we were alone Charley pounced. She straddled my lap and ran her fingers through my hair before dropping her mouth to mine.

Damn if I didn’t love her fucking mouth. My hands gripped her thighs and worked their way to her ass as I kissed her back.

“You are so damn sexy,” she said as she pulled her mouth from mine.

“I think you’re a little tipsy, gorgeous.”

She smiled at me and rolled her hips. “Just tipsy enough to make this fun.”

“Fuck, you’ve got me so hard,” I said, squeezing her ass in my hands and holding her still on top of me as I thrusted my hips upward.

I moved one hand up over her thigh and trailed my fingers under her skirt, right up to her sweet spot. I traced along the edge of her panties. She squirmed looking for more friction. I pulled her panties out of the way and gave her what she needed. I learned several weeks ago that I’d never be able to deny this woman anything. Slipping two fingers in and out of her, I heard the beautiful sounds of her moans and watched as she climbed higher and higher towards her climax.

“Wes,” she rasped out as her head fell back.

The sound of her voice when she was this close to orgasm was captivating. I could hear her call my name just like that every day for the rest of my life and never tire of it.

“That’s it, Charley. Take what you need, baby,” I said and she froze. Her head snapped forward, her eyes burning into mine, and she stopped riding my fingers. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I asked.

She stared at me a moment and then tears spilled down her cheeks.

I pulled my fingers out of her body and gripped her hips. “Charley, fuck…what’s wrong?”

“I am so sorry, Wes,” she whispered.

“For what? What just happened?” I asked.

“You give. You always give.”

I shook my head, not understanding what she meant. “I’m not following you, baby.”

She took a deep breath and then spoke, “From the first day I met you, you have looked out for me. You’ve taken care of me. Every night I worked at Parks Ridge ever since the day I met you, you were there to walk me to my car. If I’m out running errands you always call or text to check in on me just to make sure I’m ok or that I’ve made it home safely. You have been there to listen to me when I find that I need to talk about Taj. Before I even told you about Taj or my parents you gave me what I needed by making me feel safe and comforted all while being patient with me. You never pressured me to talk about it. And then, you offered me my dream job.”

I sat there staring at her not sure what to say, but also certain she wasn’t finished.

“Up until a little over a month ago, I lived my life working constantly just to keep busy and get through each day. Now, I wake up feeling like I am the luckiest woman in the world. I want to soak up every ounce of joy you’ve brought into my life and draw out that happiness.”

“Gorgeous, this all sounds like good stuff. I am still not sure I understand why you are in tears.”

“Wes, you give. You give me you. You give me your compassion. You give me your kindness. You give me a comfortable, safe place to unwind. Most importantly, you give me your love. I was late in learning this, but you keep giving all you have to give. And me? I just keep taking.”

Seriously? I had this woman on the brink of an orgasm and told her to take what she needed and it brought her to this? Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Dana did a number on her.

“You give, too. This isn’t one-sided,” I told her.

“How? Wes, I don’t give you anything.”

Now I was pissed. She thought that little of herself?

“Don’t ever fucking say that, Charley. You give me everything. When you ask me to spend the night with you because you like waking up with me, I get what I need knowing you want me next to you. When I learned that you refuse to leave your best friend home alone because she might wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare, I got what I needed knowing you won’t walk out on the people you love. When you call me two hours after you’ve just been with me simply because you miss me and want to hear my voice, I get what I need. When you call out my name with your raspy voice right before you come, I get what I need. When you told me you loved me for the first time because you didn’t want another day to pass without letting me know how you felt, I got what I needed. But, most importantly, when you nearly jumped out of your boots in excitement when you knew you’d be watching me ride pipe for the first time, I got what I fucking needed.”

I realized there was so much more I could tell her, but she pulled in a sharp breath at my last statement and the tears were still spilling down her cheeks. I took her face in my hands and swiped at her tears with the pads of my thumbs.

“That list I just gave you, gorgeous? Tip of the iceberg. I’m thinking maybe you get my point now, though. If not, I’ll hold those other things for when I think you need more reassurance that you give me exactly what I need every single day.”

It was at that moment the limo stopped. I realized we had just parked in front of my house. We got out of the car and after sending the driver off I took Charley by the hand and walked her into the house. Once we got inside I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and straight to the bathroom. I set her down on the sink countertop and then turned on the shower.

We hadn’t said a word to each other yet. As the water ran and heated up in the shower, I walked back to my woman and lifted her up to place her on her feet. I stared into her eyes as I placed my hands on her shoulders. Turning her around I captured her eyes again in the mirror. My hands went to the zipper on the back of her skirt. After unzipping the skirt and letting it slide down her legs to her feet, I lifted her top over her head and tossed it aside. She stood there looking beautiful in her matching slate blue lacy bra and panties with the intense sapphire heat swirling in her eyes. I stripped out of my clothes, my eyes still captured by hers, and then removed the last two pieces covering her beautiful body.

Pressing my front to her back I dipped my head so my mouth was at her ear.

“Everything I need, gorgeous. Everything,” I whispered.

Her breath hitched. I put my lips to the skin just below her ear and trailed kisses down her neck to the top of her shoulder. Turning her body so that her front was pressed to mine I continued to kiss moving back in the direction I came from until I was at her jawline and finally at her mouth. I took her mouth. She gave without hesitation.

Running her hands up my arms until they clasped behind my neck with her mouth still connected to mine, Charley then wrapped her legs around my waist as I lifted her up. We kissed as I walked us into the shower. The warm water hit our bodies and things grew more intense. Charley’s back was now up against the wall of the shower and without hesitation I entered her body.

Just the same as in the limo, her head fell back against the wall and she groaned.

As I pumped in and out of her she moved her hips to meet mine with each thrust. I loved the way she came alive when she was hungry for me.

“Baby. You feel so good,” she rasped out.

Within minutes I felt her tightening around me. “Oh, God. Wes,” she screamed out.

I slowed my pace for a bit and helped her ride out that wave of pleasure. Watching her come apart was my undoing. I started moving quickly again and a few thrusts later I was on that same ride.

I held Charley up, keeping my body pressed to hers as we both came down from the euphoric high we had just experienced. I pulled back and looked at her beautiful face.

“You are fucking everything to me, Charley.”

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