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Lynzie Allen is a California native, currently residing in Arizona with her husband and three children. She is passionate about writing, reading and photography…and long walks on the beach. Video games are something she can’t live without. Though her brother would call her a casual gamer, which is hurtful. She also has a soft spot for YA books and hopes to write a few in the near future. Like Crazy was her first novel with From Ashes following right behind it.

Excerpt from Like Crazy (The Dell Sisters Trilogy, Book 1)

Finn invited me to his room one night for a change of scenery. I was nervous as I knocked lightly on his door. He opened it and stood aside for me. It looked exactly like my room and absolutely unlike my room at the same time. There’s something about seeing someone’s room for the first time. Even in a hotel, once you’ve been staying in it for a while, it becomes like an extension of you. Where my room was messy and unorganized, Finn’s was in almost perfect order. There was not clutter on the desk or other surfaces. There was a suit coat hanging from the door on the wardrobe and a guitar propped in an open case on the bench at the foot of the bed.

“You play guitar?”

“Yes, since I was young. It relaxes me. Do you?”

“Play guitar? No, I have a lot of friends who do. I tried to teach myself once but my fingers weren’t strong enough and I never practiced enough to strengthen them.”

He sat on the bed and pulled it out, “Do you sing?”

I bit my lip, “Sometimes.”

He strummed a few strings at random and then settled into Van Morrison’s, I’ll be your lover, too. Yearning spiked through my entire body as he sang the first few lines. He watched me intently as he sang and I couldn’t help drifting closer. His voice was rich and soulful and I had to sit on my hands to keep from touching him. By the second verse, I was singing along with him. It made him smile and gave me courage to really sing, it had been years since I felt a song so deeply while I sang.

When he finished strumming the last few chords, it felt like a loss. He must have felt it too, because he leaned forward and kissed my lips softly before leaning back and starting another song that I didn’t recognize. The lyrics were full of love and longing and I thought I might break under the weight of his gaze. He broke off mid-song and chuckled as he set the guitar back in its case.

“That was beautiful, why did you stop?”

“Ah well, thank you, but I thought if I didn’t stop I may spontaneously combust. You’re incredibly sexy all of the time but music does something to your eyes that is beyond irresistible.”

I flushed, “I love music.”

“I can tell. Are you hungry? I thought we could order room service.”

I was hungry but not for food. I was careening down a canyon but there was nothing to grab onto and I didn’t want to stop.

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