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Meghana V writes with the pen name Sagarika. She is from Bangalore, India. She is an avid reader. She mainly reads Adult and New Adult romance as well as dark and psychological thrillers. She plans on writing mainly for these Genres.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing or watching anime. Depending on her mood, she tends to write two to three books at a time. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all time favourite character.

Excerpt from Love Connection (Love Connection Series, Book 1)


I do have second thoughts about this. Not that I am scared about Linden’s presence in her house. The coast is clear, I don’t find his car parked in front of her house. It’s just her convertible parked in its usual place. But I am just worried if she got enough sleep after her hectic day yesterday. I got her text around one which I saw around five in the morning when Rosie literally threw me out of her house in her urgency to get ready. I tried to drag as much time as possible in having a shower and putting on some fresh clothes. I could have shaved too, but Gem seems to have some affinity for my trimmed beard so I just let it be. I gave her two whole hours to get some extra sleep. I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore. So, here I am right in front of her house, debating whether to just ring the bell or call her. I decide on ringing the bell. As far as I know her, I believe she would have put her mobile in silent to avoid any calls from work since it’s her day off after all. After some five rings, I finally hear footsteps and then at last she opens the door.


I just can’t go beyond that. I always found Gem hot and sexy but this look of hers right now is something else and totally out of this world. Her shoulder length chestnut brown hair is completely tousled and cascades as waves across her chest. With sleep driven, glassy eyes and wrinkled clothes, it seems to me like every fucking cell in her body is giving me an invite to just come and fuck. Any control, what so ever I had is leaving my body as I stare at her sexy curves, which are so very prominent in her tight fitted nightgown.

Before I can even say a word she just pulls me into her house and rams the door shut. I am totally defenceless against this girl. She corners me against the wall and before I can even process the happenings she crushes her lips against mine. Her hunger can’t be put in words. I kiss her back with the same force and desire. She lavishes my tongue and plays with it. I succumb to her dominance. She nips my lips, teasing me further.

That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. If she doesn’t stop this, I am taking her against this wall.

The minute she stops to take a breath, I tell the first thing that hits my head.

“Morning, Gem.”

She looks at me with those emerald-green eyes of hers and that ecstatic look on her face is just saying one thing fuck me already and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

“Belated birthday wishes to you, Brandon,” she says dreamily. The sexy tone of her voice acts as the final trigger for me.

“Gem, I am in a tight situation here. Are you ready?”

She chews on her bottom lip grasping the urgency in my tone and I get my cue. Gem and I know each other too well and we never actually need words to communicate. Mere actions are sufficient.

It takes me less than a minute to unzip my pants. The entire time Gem stares at me with lustful, greedy eyes that turns me on even more. She never seems to get enough of me. As soon as my dick springs free she rests against the foyer wall and lifts her dress up to her waist. I know she is in no mood for foreplay and wants to get some action soon. Satisfying this girl has always been my pleasure. I pin her against the wall, caging her with my arms. One look at her panties and I know she is dripping wet. With one hasty move, I quickly slide it across her legs and dump it somewhere. I hope I haven’t ripped it since each of her attires are very pricey indeed.

I thrust one finger inside of her. I know she is in no mood to be teased around but I can’t help teasing her when she is so wet and needy. She starts whimpering and moaning my name. The angelic look on her face gets my cock hard and ready. I use my other finger to rub over her clitoris and she reacts further, squeezing my fingers already in the verge of coming.

“Brandon, take me now!” She clutches my biceps for support as her legs begin to give away, quaking under the pressure.

There is an authoritative tone even in that plea of hers, which I find damn sexy. Obliging to her request I lift her by her waist and support her against my arms. She arches her head back to give me better access and wraps her legs around my hips. I thrust deep and hard into her. She screams out loud. She has always been the loud one and I just love that about her. I don’t hold myself back as I repeatedly slam into her, hitting her nerves. She grips my hair tight and forces her mouth on mine. I let her have her way. I kiss her back with equal passion and she moans against my mouth, gently sucking my lips. It’s such a pleasurable agony. I can feel her body quiver and I know she is about to come. I look straight into her eyes and say, “Baby, come for me”

“No, with you.” I have no fucking idea how she can hold herself back even in such a situation. But I know from past experiences that she won’t be coming until I do too. I am almost there and seeing her hold herself back just makes it much easier for me. She clenches my dick and I realize that I am mere minutes away from climaxing. Her walls squeeze my dick and it starts to throb. I thrust faster and increase my pace. She gets her cue.

“Gem, you can come”

With that, she hits her peak pulsating around my dick. I feel her let go. Her head rolls back and she lets out a throaty moan. She milks my dick the same time I pour deep within her. The look of pure ecstasy on her face never ceases to amaze me. She is perfection at its very best. I don’t think I ever have or will ever see anyone as beautiful as her.

I just lay my head against her chest and breathe in her scent. She smells of pure sex and this scent of hers has become my most favourite scent.

After a minute or two of absolute silence, she slowly ruffles my hair making it a complete mess. I am still buried deep inside her. It feels so good that I don’t feel like pulling out at all.

“Blonde has always been my favourite colour, you know?” She muses. Her voice is so very soothing. She can even put me to sleep like this.

“Hmm. But don’t even think of dying your hair Blonde,” I instruct. I know she was going to say that next. It’s just so obvious when it comes to her. I continue, “Brown defines you. Actually these days I have started to associate everything brown to Jennifer,” I say and wink. She narrows her eyes and smacks my arm.

“Yeah right, Mr. Play Boy. Couldn’t think of any better cheesy lines? I think you are running out of lines.”

“I see the feisty Gem is back. As far as my lines are concerned , I need not memorize or remember any lines when it comes to you. They come out naturally,” I proclaim and grin at her.
I see her turn a tinge of red. If anyone can be wooed with words alone then it has to be Gem. Not that she buys all my words, but she still reacts to them, either by blushing or smacking me. I am fine with both treatments actually.

“Now that’s a new one, Play Boy. From which movie did you copy that one from?”

“You will like the sound of that movie. It’s called ‘How to get under Jennifer’s pants,” I tease.

She turns completely red due to the right mixture of embarrassment and anger. She looks funny this way and I can’t hide my amusement.

She frowns and punches me just below my stomach. That actually hurts. This girl can sure pack a punch.

“Low blow , Gem,” I whine.

She chuckles and continues to play with my hair.

“You were asking for it and you have seen nothing yet, Brandon,” she challenges in a flirty tone.

“You are so right. You haven’t given me a chance to strip you yet.” Her eyes go wide.

“You are such a perv,” she fumes cocking her eyebrows.

“Thanks for the compliment, Madam. You are no less.”

Such after sex banter with her has always amused me. Pulling her leg has become my favourite past time.

“By the way, Mr. Play Boy, do you want to make my pussy your permanent residence? Any plans of pulling out?” She asks with a straight face, but I can see the glee in her eyes. She loves it like this.

“No ways. So where are we headed to next? You get five seconds to decide before I take you again, right here”.

She thinks for a moment before making her mind. “Okay okay, my bedroom. I need my soft fluffy bed to lie on.”

“Your wish is my command. Make yourself comfortable because I am carrying you like this”
She keeps her silence as I walk towards the stairways holding her in the same position. I have gotten used to carrying her around and my dick is still pretty hard which makes this even more fun.

“Since you are anyway giving me free transportation, let me make myself more useful,” she tells and winks.

“How do you plan on doing that?” I ask curiously.

“How about I save time and give you a strip tease instead?” saying so, she starts undressing and throws her night dress right in my face.

“Ouch! Hope that didn’t hurt you,” she scorns and begins to laugh. I am dying for her to remove that dress from my face.

“Gem, you better take that dress from my face soon or I am not taking any step further”

“Aww. What patience you have. Commendable. I am removing it. Happy?” She chucks it somewhere on the floor and I finally get to have a look at her naked except for her.


A shelf bra. Really?

“No ways. You wear such bra’s for your office too?” I ask genuinely astonished.

“Not always. Only when I have plans to go out with Linden. He finds them very sensuous.”

“Which sane man wouldn’t? Especially when you wear them,” I state the obvious which brings a wide grin on her face.

Linden is one lucky guy to have her all for himself but then again I am lucky too or I wouldn’t find myself in this position with her right now.

“Well, What are you waiting for? Unclasp it right now,” I order, climbing the stairs. There is no way I will be able to control till we reach her room seeing her semi-naked like this. I even consider doing her on these stairs. This would be new for us and no matter how inconvenient it might be I would still do it.

“Nope. It’s my strip tease. I will do it whenever I please,” she sneers.

“Gem, no playing around. I can’t wait to see those hard nipples of yours. Do it now,” I demand very seriously.

“Why? Can’t you think of any lines from the movie ‘how to get hands on Jennifer’s breasts?’ to help you out?” She asks stifling her laugh. I just can’t help but laugh at that.

“You think you are so smart? Don’t you?” She knows it’s rhetorical.

“I don’t think so, Brandon. I know that for a fact. So are you, I must add.” No one can beat my Gem at words. Nevertheless, I don’t stop trying.

We finally reach her room and I immediately step inside. Locking the door behind me, I lay her on the messy bed and pull myself out of her. She sure is something else. I just can’t take my eyes off her seeing her sprawled on the bed like this, waiting for me.

“What happened, Mr. Play Boy? I thought you were intent upon getting something off me?” Her lips turn up and joy seeps into her eyes.

I planned on teasing her for some more time and making her beg for me but then again my dick gets the better of me and I immediately attack her breasts.

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