FEATURE: Anna Faversham

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England is my home but I’ve also lived in New Zealand, a beautiful country and the people are great. I’ve lived in central Africa too which was an interesting and useful experience that I’ll never forget.
On returning to England, I’ve written and read for the BBC and published short stories as well as three novels. Two are set in my county of Kent and the latest is set in the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Excerpt from One Dark Night (Dark Moon Trilogy, Book 1)

“The tune continued. It was magical: conjured from the wind it seemed and mixing with nature’s sea symphony. Yes, this was the most special moment of her life and then Daniel crowned it with, “I love you, my cherished Lucy, and I shall be honoured if you will marry me.”

Every fibre of her body screamed in affirmation but she could not speak.

Daniel smiled, and said, “The answer in your eyes is all I need. The words can come when they will.” He poured some wine for each of them, took a sip, then took hold of her hand and pulled her into his arms. As he did so, the flautist began to play a hauntingly beautiful tune and he danced her out onto the beach.

A paper-lace moon, the size of a dinner plate, hung in the pink-flecked eastern sky. As he spun her round she saw lilac and pink wispy clouds suspended against a turquoise sky blending into the liquid silver sea, so still, she felt she could walk on it. No one, not even those ladies who arrived in their fine gowns and fashionable carriages for the Summer Balls, could ever have felt as she did tonight.

If only she could capture this moment, this sight, if only time would stand still. She became aware that the music of the flute had stopped and only the constant rhythm of the rippling waves continued, as though confirming Daniel would be with her always. She now knew she could not face being without him.”

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