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Kara Liane is a lover of all things romance. She holds several degrees, including a Master’s in Management from Wayland Baptist University. Her husband of 15 years proudly serves in the U.S. military, and together with their twin elementary-age sons, reside in New Jersey. In her spare time, she reads and writes various things including poetry, stories about her kids, and her new novels.

Excerpt from Playing Heart to Get (Tryst of Fate, Book 1)

“From the moment I saw you, I thought you were an angel. I am drawn to you. I can’t make it any clearer. Your innocence, beauty, and charm have sucked me right in. I didn’t stand a chance, did I?”

I think he asked that last part rhetorically. I didn’t know how to respond. My mind was all of the sudden a jumbled mess. He did this to me. One minute I was fine, and the next minute I wasn’t. I was constantly off-balance. We were too far apart on the couch. He moved in closer to me closing the distance, and practically sitting on top of me. I moved my legs out from under me. Gee golly whiz, I was breathing heavy and probably embarrassing myself. We were staring into each other’s eyes. We both knew in that moment this would be the first time our lips would touch. I knew once I finally had a taste of him, I would never be able to let him go. Once I was surrounded by this heat again, I would be homesick when we would have to part.

I could hear his breathing change too. We did affect each other so completely. It was the final confirmation I needed for my body to green-light this whole thing. He moved his one hand to my cheek, and rubbed his thumb over my lips. I gasped at the shock of his fingers on me. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t watch him move any further into me; it was just too intense, and too intimate. It was too much! I was trembling with need and want. Everything led to this moment. Until finally his lips met mine in a crash.

Oh my God! My eyes flew open and I threw my arms around his neck. What started out gentle and sweet, quickly turned to hot and erotic. It seemed I came more alive now than ever, and my body parts took over. Both his hands framed my face and he held me there devouring my mouth. We sucked on each other’s lips and tongues, and our teeth even made contact at some points. Our moans and groans and heavy breathing filled the air. It was a mixture of the most intoxicating scents and sounds swirling around us and between us. His taste was the ultimate. How he managed to taste like wine and mint I didn’t know, but I was getting drunk off his lips. I wanted to permanently move into his mouth and put a “no vacancy” sign.

My hips of their own volition began to roll, and I was more than soaked between my legs. I knew I needed some friction in that area. I quickly climbed on top of him and straddled his lap. My skirt hitched up and bunched around my hips automatically. My white bikini panties were on full display, but I didn’t care. He hadn’t even broken contact with my mouth yet. I gripped his hair and started grinding on his ungodly huge erection. It was a glorious feeling. I think I may have even tugged at his hair a little.

He ripped his lips away from me a second later and was grunting. It was like a beast in a cage with a T-bone steak being waved in his face. I could see his eyes become stormy. He looked down at my lady bits still covered by my panties, and made a painful groan. I felt his penis twitch. Okay, we interrupt this program for a special bulletin. I know it’s strange that I can’t call his hard rod something else, or something more explicit, but yet I could in my dreams. Well in my dreams my mind is a dirty girl. But otherwise, I guess I am truly innocent in every other sense. Okay, and we’re back to our regularly scheduled program.

He seemed to get himself under control a little bit better after shutting his eyes for a few moments, and breathing deeply. When he opened those beauties again, the storm subsided to a calm ocean escape. He looked in my eyes as if silently asking if he could keep going. I nodded as if we were in perfect synch with each other, and speaking the same silent language. He moved in to kiss my neck, and I savored each and every touch. Our hearts were beating wildly, and I could feel their rhythm match when we made contact.

He kissed across my collar bone, and I was lost to this man. I moved my head to the side so he could further suck on my neck. He moved my hair to one shoulder so he had better access. I could feel his hands move to the hem of my sweater and with the lightest touch and pressure, he started inching the sweater up my body. I moaned. I didn’t care anymore what it sounded like, and he moaned right back. Clearly I was doing something right. He peeled the sweater off of me ever so slowly the rest of the way.

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