FEATURE: D.C. Triana

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I’m a New York native, born to two amazing Colombian parents who taught me the value of education. I’m a lover of dogs, ice cream, reading and traveling, and I’ve watched Keira Knightly’s Pride & Prejudice like a zillion times. I’m a total geek; I collect anything Nightmare Before Xmas, Disney mugs and comic books. I love all types of music including KPOP, and besides English I speak Spanish, some Italian, and I’m pretty good at Japanese. I currently reside in Florida with my family and dog, Obi Wan.

Excerpt from Sunset Reads: William and Cristina (A Sunset Reads Novel, Book 1)

“I feel like I have the world on my shoulders, and I don’t know what I should do. Tell me, William, what would you do? What would you do if you were forced into a situation where you had no idea what you were doing, with a man you barely knew, running something you knew nothing about? How would you feel?”

He looked ahead, briefly contemplating her worries. “Overwhelmed.”


“I’d feel overwhelmed and startled.”

She looked up at him surprised. “Exactly.”

Suddenly, without really thinking things through, William reached over and stopped the elevator.

She grabbed onto his arm as the elevator jolted. “What is wrong with you?!”

He turned to her and gently maneuvered her until she was pressed up against the elevator wall. Slowly, he placed his hand to the side of her face, and leaning in, he placed his other hand on the rail beside her. Startled by his advances, her breathing became erratic, and she felt her heart beating a little faster. Unconsciously, she pressed both her hands against his hard chest, she could feel the thumping of his heart as it also beat hard and strong through the layers of clothes he was wearing. He had her trapped, not able to move…yet she felt strangely safe.

“Why do you keep stopping the damn elevator?” she whispered, held still by his gaze which lingered on her lips and then swept down to the front of her blouse…mesmerized by the way her chest raised and lowered, then swept right back up again.

He enjoyed how her small hands gently pressed on his chest, and the way her breasts moved when she took a breath. He wanted to remember every feature of her face, and he reached over, tracing her cheek and followed her jaw line with his fingertips until he reached her bottom lip. Grazing it slightly, he leaned in closer. “You make me do things that are so crazy, yet I can’t stop myself.”

“And stopping the elevator is crazy?” she asked bemused.

He shook his head, entranced by her lower lip. “No….this is….”

Suddenly, he leaned forward and caught her mouth in his. She briefly stiffened from the impact, pressing her hands firmly against him, and after a moment of uncertainty she slowly felt herself melt against him as his mouth began to move slowly over hers. Her hands grazed his chest and reached his shoulders, clenching tightly onto his jacket as she swayed gently. He gripped her tightly by the waist, pressing her fully against him, lifting her up just enough that her heels left the floor. The kiss was full of passion and tenderness, sweet and hot, all at the same time. He molded his lips with hers in an unsettling eagerness, knowing he had to stop, but not wanting to.

The feel of her tongue grazing his upper lip was his undoing, and he ran his hands down the small of her back and down her supple rear, pressing himself tightly against her. Cristina could only feel his heat spreading through her body, which was now tingling all the way to the tip of her fingers. As his tongue met hers, she uttered a soft moan sweeping her hands through his hair, bringing him closer in order to taste more of him. She practically had her legs wrapped around him when the elevator jolted, causing him to break the kiss. They both stood there…out of breath, looking disheveled and awkward as the elevator resumed its descent. He suddenly stepped back, leaving her stunned, and still gripping tightly to the railing behind her. Slowly coming out of her daze, she quickly ran a hand through her hair and buttoned up her blouse which had come undone at some point during their madness. He watched her quietly as the elevator doors opened on the first floor. She managed to stumble out of the elevator and turn to look at him. They didn’t say a word…they just stared at each other, not knowing what to do. The doors suddenly closed, and all William could see was a pair of bright hazel eyes asking him for more…much more than he was willing to give.

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