FEATURE: Angel Chadwick

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I’m an indie author of all genres, mom, playwright and inventor.

Excerpt from Weeping Well

“I don’t like the idea of you and Phillip staying in this house alone.”  

“So you appointed yourself as my personal bodyguard?”

“Yes. Consider me your permanent houseguest, until this criminal is caught.”  

“Othor, I can’t let you do this. What about your place in Wales, how can you keep it guarded staying here with me here in London?”

“I have my home under 24-hour surveillance and it’s connected to the Wi-Fi on my laptop computer, so I can keep an eye on my place whilst I’m gone. Also I can notify the authorities with one touch of a button. It’s been quite helpful when I’m out of town on a case.”

“You’re treating this like one of your out of town cases?”

“Yes, I consider it a very personal one,” he said, smiling, caressing her bare arm.

“I never asked for your protection, Othor,” Eva said, almost in an undertone, her arms around his neck, sitting next to him on the sofa. He took one of her bare feet in his hand and caressed it. Eva took down her long braid. He swallowed hard like a timid schoolboy seeing her hair loose and cascading all around her. He ran his fingers through her hair.

“You don’t have to. I’m offering it, whether you want it or not,” he said, his eyes glowing with passion, his lips dangerously close to touching hers.

“You don’t care about what I want,” Eva said, her tongue touching his lips, making his breath catch in his throat.

“Yes, I care. Tell me what you want, what you need,” he said, slowly running his hand from the heel of her foot, along her thigh and resting it at her hip. She straddled him. He lifted her lacy nightgown, his hand on her bare buttocks. “You’re not wearing any underpants.” He growled hungrily his head muffled in her ample bosom and grabbed her butt cheeks hard.

“I want you,” she said in a whisper, arching her back as he slipped the thin straps of her nightgown off her shoulders.

“I’ve waited so long to have you. Your kisses drive me mad and your body makes me have so many dirty thoughts they could be considered criminal.” He whispered in her ear.

“What lascivious things do you have in mind?” She smiled, trembling at the sensational feel of his tongue, along her neck and down between her breasts. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his broad chest, tracing her fingers around his pecs.

“Nothing at all.”

“What? But you just said….” Eva raised a brow, holding his face in her hands, his hands still caressing her buttocks. “What’s going on here? Is this a rotten joke you playing on me?” Eva got up.

“I’m done being a playboy, Evangeline. I could play that sport anytime I want, but I’ve grown quite bored with it.” He sighed.

“I’m standing here, almost naked and you’re turning me down. Are you serious? Or is this some kind of empty-headed attempt at role play?”

“Sweetheart, if this was role play, you and I wouldn’t have any clothes on and we’d be making love in every room in this house, including the front and the back stairs, whilst the neighbors are watching,” Othor said, standing up with his shirt open and his pants unbuckled. “It’s easy to have a random woman in my bed every night. As much as I want you, and I do want you to the point I’d kill to have you, I don’t want another conquest. It’ll just cheapen what we feel for each other.”

“What if I said I just want to spend tonight with you and we’ll take it one day at a time?” Eva said, putting the straps of her nightgown back on her shoulders.

“I‘d say no to spending the night with you and yes to taking it one day at a time.”

“If I said I’d rather be your conquest, what would you say?” she said walking closer to him, her hands gripping the sides of his shirt, looking up at him.

“I’d say let’s have meaningless sex and never see each other again.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Either you’re my wife, or my conquest. Which is it going to be?”

“You said you wouldn’t ask me again?”

“I’m not asking you again to marry me. I’m asking you to make a choice of what role you want to play, so to speak, in my life. Which can you live with?”


“You and I have nothing to talk about,” he said buckling his pants.

“I guess not. Does this mean we’re breaking up again?”

“No, it means I’m not doing this foolish dance with you anymore. I no longer have the patience for it. I don’t mind playing games. But at some point it has to lead somewhere. I prefer to win, otherwise what’s the point of it.” He lay down on the sofa his hands behind his head.

“I told you I don’t play games.”

“Call it whatever you want. You’re using your PTSD to keep me at arm’s length and I won’t have it. You haven’t let your guard down completely around me. I’m a grown man, not a boy. Don’t treat me like I’m a boy, who still believes in fairytales.”

“I want you gone by morning. My son and I don’t need you,” Eva said over her shoulder, heading toward the stairs.

“There you go acting like a little girl, because she didn’t get her way.”

“You don’t know a goddamn thing about me.”

“Right.” He sat up on the sofa, running his fingers through his hair.

“Do your research, counsel,” Eva said her jaw clenched. “As far as boys and fairytales go, you must be the one that still believes. If you believe I’m your princess and you’re my prince that sort of storyline.”

“There are no princesses in this story and I, my dear am not at all a prince. For the record, you’d be my queen and eventually Rapunzel, I will climb your tower.” He raised a sexy brow, running his forefinger across his chin, gazing at Eva’s voluptuous figure, licking his lips.

Eva braided her hair and wrapped it up in a secure bun. “You wasted your chance.”

“Maybe or I’ve rather given you food for thought.”

“Yes, that’s possible. But I hope I’ve done the same for you.”

“Perhaps you have. I don’t just want your body, or just your mind. I want it all. Until, I have that, you and I can’t share a bed together, at least not on an intimate level. Are we not friends?” He reached his hand out to her.

“No. I think that’s the problem,” Eva replied slipping her hand into his and sitting down next to him. “My worst fear is you’ll be repulsed by what you hear or see,” she said looking down, away from his piercing, passionate gaze.

“Evangeline, I know you’re very strong. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have insecurities. Let me be the judge of my own feelings about what you tell me, what you show me. Show me yours and I will show you mine. Let’s get to know each other. We have all night and the next and the next.”

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