Gimme a little kiss?

Here’s mine:

He cut Mickey’s quip off with a kiss. Hard, deep and urgent. Desperately urgent. Trent’s mouth sealed hers completely, both hands cupping her face. No. Seizing her face. Like a man reclaiming his property.

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  1. Here’s Xavier and Annabelle’s first kiss . . .

    He tenderly kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose; hesitating, his lips hovered above hers. Xavier wanted more than anything to kiss her but Annabelle was vulnerable right now, and she’d already accused him of taking advantage of her once. He didn’t want to ruin things between them before they even started by doing it again.
    Then Annabelle’s eyes met his for the first time. In them, he saw acknowledgment of what he wanted to do and permission to do it, and ever so slowly he brought his mouth to hers. Ensuring the kiss was soft and light, Annabelle didn’t return it, but she didn’t shrink away from it either.
    When he pulled back he met her hungry eyes, and she laced her fingers in his hair and pulled his mouth back down upon hers. This time, her kiss was hard and fiery and the next thing he knew she had released his hair and her fingers were fumbling at his belt.

  2. An excerpt from my upcoming book, Tragedy & Desire

    Just before I reached the door, Jax caught my left hand with his right.  Just my hand, but it sent a shiver through my entire body.  I should have pulled away, but I didn’t.

    “Perla…” he said as he looked down into my eyes, standing only inches away from me now.  The sound of my name on his lips had yet another undesired effect on my nervous system.  Before I could respond, he planted two pliant, sinfully soft lips to mine.

    It wasn’t a hard or rushed kiss, but the kind a woman dreams about or reads about in really good love-making scenes of romance novels.  His hand still held mine in his own but he made no attempt to move his body closer, and my pad of paper and pen in the other hand dropped unnoticed to the floor.

    Before I knew what I was doing, I heard a SMACK, and I realized that I had slapped him, full force, across the face.  

  3. Ah, love’s first kiss…love this one:)

    “Not when you touch me. Your touch calms me. Your presence calms me. I don’t want you to leave this cabin. Please, Logan, please.”
    He leaned in closer, a few inches from her lips, as he stared into her eyes. “I’ll try to be quick, but I have to go. You’ll be in good hands with Kat.”
    She responded by lowering her eyes to his lips. Any other response would’ve had him moving away from her, but instead she glanced down. That was his first complete undoing as he closed the distance and pressed his lips lightly to hers. Before he could have a chance to deepen it, a car door slammed.

  4. Her heart skipped a beat as she gazed into those dazzling sapphire depths.
    Their faces drew closer, so they were almost touching.
    She thought he was going to kiss her, but he turned away.

    “Are you OK?”
    “Yes. Sorry. I just…I don’t know.”

    She pulled him back to her, and gave him no choice. She kissed him. It was tentative at first, searching, seeking, testing.

    His lips were full and soft. Her hand brushed his lightly stubbled cheek.
    She stopped long enough to look into those baby blues to check this was OK. All she saw was wonder, heat and longing. She let her hand keep travelling round to the back of his head, her other hand falling to his firm waist.

    She felt his hand cupping her face, as they both deepened the kiss, their tongues interlocking in their own private pirouette.
    She pulled in tighter, as flames shot through her core, igniting her soul.

    She suddenly remembered they were out on the street just as she was about to moan in pleasure. She stopped. She looked at him, trying to catch her breath.

    From my book, True's Love:

  5. This is from Start Again and is Kate and Ryan’s first kiss:
    A hum escapes Ryan’s throat and it is quite possibly the best sound I have ever heard. His lips press harder into mine, moving against me in a way that I feel all the way down to my toes. My hands glide up his muscular arms, savoring the feel of them as I continue up into his hair. This sets something off in him because all of a sudden our slow languid pace becomes passionate and eager for more. He opens my mouth with his, and when our tongues meet, he groans into me.
    God, I could live off of that sound. One of his hands is on my lower back pressing me further into him, his other beneath me, sliding down my braid until he reaches the elastic. He pulls it from my hair and then unfolds my braid little by little, running his fingers through the strands. It is so freaking hot I can hardly stand it.
    Ryan’s head moves, adjusting the angle of our kiss, deepening it. I can’t seem to get enough. I’m starving and he is the only thing that can feed this hunger. He rocks into me and a moan slips out between my lips, which makes him groan as if he enjoys my sounds just as much as I enjoy his.
    “Katie,” he breathes against my lips between kisses. “Oh god, Katie, I’ve wanted this for so long.”
    I can’t respond, I just moan into his mouth again as my fingers rake up the planes of his muscular chest. The bristles of his beard brush against my cheek and neck as his mouth explores my sensitive skin. I can’t get enough. I want more, more, more.
    His kisses are the best sort of drug and I’m high on them.

  6. We stroll to the elevator. A man in a business suit is just getting off, and the elevator is going up. It’s empty.
    As soon as the door closes behind us, Mike backs me to the elevator wall. I’m pinned by his body as his mouth claims mine. His hands roam. God, it feels good to have a man’s hands on me again. His tongue is exploring every corner of my mouth when the elevator dings. He pivots back around releasing me from the wall. As the doors open, I stumble forward toward two twenty-something men who are getting on the elevator.
    All three of them reach for me. Mike catches my arm. “You ok ma’am,” one of the young men asks.

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    I tug down the hem of my dress. “I’m fine,” I sputter. Mike just holds my arm.
    The two young men both smirk and turn around to face the door. I shoot Mike a glance. He is clearly pleased with himself. The elevator dings. As the two young men disembark, one turns, looks at me and remarks “Bet you thank God for Viagra.” I go sheet red as the doors close.
    I glare at Mike. He shrugs his shoulders and suppresses a smile.”You won’t ever see them again.” The elevator dings before I can scold him. This one is housebroken but clearly not tame.

  7. From my romance novel: Under The Harvest Moon

    She stared down at her hand lying flat against his chest, the vibrant beats of his heart thumping underneath. His fingers began to brush gently over her skin, causing her to struggle to keep her sanity from fleeing. When he leaned forward, she knew what was about to happen, but was helpless to stop it. Her eyes closed as his mouth touched hers softly, yet wonderfully urgent. Her lips remained prudishly shut, but that didn’t deaden the sensation from rising, prompting her to give in and respond. Her level head warned her to resist, to remain steadfast as his arms closed around her waist and pulled her against him. He enticed her lips to part where he trailed their softness with his tongue, then explored. It took everything she had not to wound her arms around him and deepen the kiss with her own desire. But, the power of the paralyzing encounter encircled and drowned her in ecstasy invoking a tiny moan from within her. Her eyes remained closed just for a second when he ended it.

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