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Bree Verity grew up on a diet of love, romance, old movies and musicals. It’s no wonder she writes love stories – contemporary or historical, she doesn’t mind. Love and romance are timeless.

She lives in Perth Western Australia with her teenage son, her long-suffering partner, and her two attentive rescue dogs, Millie and Boofhead. She keeps it very quiet that she is equally a cat person.

She dreams of travelling the world, going off-grid and building a tiny house, although she realises she would very quickly go crazy in a confined space.

Excerpt from Lydia (Perth Girls, Book 1)

He walked her to her car, slipping his hand into hers, even though it was only a few steps. The buzzing around them recommenced, and Lydia couldn’t understand how Tad didn’t seem to notice it.

“I had a great time tonight,” he said, squeezing her hand just a little.

“So did I,” Lydia said. “I have to say, I didn’t expect to.”

Reaching her car, she turned and leaned her back against the side. Looking up, she marveled at the stunning starry Perth sky. It was an amazing summer’s night, warm and balmy.

“What a beautiful evening,” she breathed. “Perth is amazing at night.”

“It is,” agreed Tad, though she noticed he wasn’t looking at the night sky. His incredible eyes were firmly fixed on Lydia’s lips. He tilted down to kiss her, and she parted her lips in anticipation, closing her eyes, and breathing in the masculine smell that was all Tad – sunshine, musk and dark amber. Their lips met, softly and tentatively.

Tad pulled away a little, then kissed her again, a little harder. When their lips met Lydia reached behind to cup Tad’s neck gently, splaying her fingers in his hair. His arms tightened around her ribs as he pulled her close to him and deepened the kiss. His tongue tickled her lips, and Lydia opened them wider to let him in. She tasted the remnants of their vanilla spiced pear and something else that was pure Tad. Lydia felt the tingle of her breasts brushing against his chest and right then and there, she would have given in to the sweet sensation of Tad’s seduction.

But Tad only smiled against her mouth, and released her from his grasp.

“Was it that awful?” she asked, conscious of a pang of disappointment.

“Oh hell no. Only if we’d kept it up, I would have had to take you back to my place, and I make it a policy not to do that on the first date.”

“On the second?” she suggested cheekily.

“Generally, the third,” he replied. “Though I have been known to break that rule.” He reached for her again and ran a series of kisses down the side of her neck and to her collarbone. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back, so he would have better access. His kisses

dipped lower, getting into dangerous territory, making her knees weak and her breathing heavy. She desperately wanted to know him better, to touch his skin all over, and to feel his hands all over her.

But again he let her go, and straightened himself up, blowing out a big breath of pent up air.

“I’ve messed up your hair,” Lydia said.

Way to go, Einstein. State the obvious.

“I’ve messed up yours, too.”

They laughed gently together, and with one last kiss on the cheek, Tad opened the car door and handed Lydia in.

“Good night, pretty lady,” he said gently. “I’ll call you.”

“Good night, Prince Charming.”

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