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D.L. LeBlanc is a Canadian author. She writes fiction with a focus on Contemporary Romance. She has published Broken: Frost Series Part 1 and Unbroken: Frost Series Part 2.She is currently working on her next series, Bloodlines.

She is currently working on her next series, Bloodlines.

Excerpt from Broken (Frost, Book 1)

I jump slightly at the sound of his voice. Jaxon stands outside the now open bedroom door, wearing nothing but a towel hung low on his hips. I was right. He has an amazing body; compact muscles, smooth skin, very little hair. Shit, I’m staring. By the look on his face, he likes that I’m staring.

“Sorry.” I briefly look down at my lap. “I just dropped off forms from Sally.”

“I know.” He leans against the door frame, crossing his arms across his chest. “She phoned to say you would be stopping by.”

I stand quickly. “I’ll be going then. Goodbye Drew, Frost.”

I exit the hotel room and lean against the closed door. The bastard knew I was coming here and was half naked on purpose. He wanted me to see what I was passing up, while I still had time to say yes.

The door behind me opens suddenly and I stumble back.

“You forgot-”

Jaxon catches me as I fall and instinctively I grab him. My arms slide around his neck as his hands wrap around my waist. I am vaguely aware that he has my purse in his hand. It’s swaying and bumping against my leg.

He stares down at me, at my lips. I want him to kiss me. I want to kiss him. It would be so easy to remove his towel. One quick tug. He stands me upright, breaking contact. He passes me my purse and adjusts his towel.

“Thanks,” my voice squeaks and I want to melt into the floor.

I turn on my heel and practically run down the hall. I can feel my cheeks burn. From embarrassment or lust, I don’t know.  I remember Drew is in the room and groan; embarrassment.

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