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I have been writing in one way, shape or form since I was a teenager, but never became serious about it until a few years ago.  Currently I live in Connecticut with my three amazing girls and husband, but we hail from Boston so my ties to that area are strong. My real life job is as a nurse practitioner, though I only work occasionally as I am primarily home with my girls.

I love to write about characters that have flaws. That have been through life and have seen some of its uglier side and come out stronger on the other side. If I can pair that with a strong romance that to me is as good as it gets.

Currently I have two books in publication, Forward and Start Again. Both different, both contemporary romances.

Start Again is at this moment going to be part of a series as I have been writing one of the side character’s story. No title or release date as of yet.

Excerpt from Start Again

I don’t know and despite how nice it feels to be against his warm skin, I need to move before he wakes up to find me like this. Ever so slowly, I try and move my leg from between his thighs and my arm from underneath his, but as I do, he begins to stir. Shit.

“Mmmm,” he hums, rolling into me and burying his nose in my hair, further pinning me against him. He is still asleep, but now I have no idea how I am going to move because he is holding me like a vice. His arms are wrapped around me, holding me tight against his bare chest and my leg is tucked tightly between his. I try pulling back again anyway. “Katie,” he whispers, rocking into me. Holy hell, he is practically hard. I know it’s just morning wood, but damn.

I move back again and this time his eyes flash open to find my face only inches from his. He startles, eyes wide, blinking rapidly for a moment before a soft smile lights up his sleepy face. “Did I do this or did you?” He whispers and I’m a bit relieved that he’s not pissed about it.

“I did, I think,” I bite my lip nervously. “Sorry.”

He chuckles softly. “Are you always this clingy in bed?”

I laugh lightly too and shake my head against his pillow. “No. Normally I’m not a cuddler.” He hasn’t let me go. Why hasn’t he let me go? Why do I not want him to?

“I don’t think I’ve ever woken up with someone this way.”

“Neither have I.” I smile and then he smiles and then we’re both smiling at each other like this is so unbelievable to both of us and yet, we still don’t pull away.

His eyes are looking into mine and mine are looking into his and suddenly, I’m full of flutters and nervous anticipation. His eyes are so beautiful. Such an incredible shade of green. His nose isn’t too big or too small and has the perfect amount of character like it was broken once upon a time and he never got it fixed. His lips are surrounded by the dark bristles of his beard, but they’re full and soft looking.

I scroll back up his face feature by feature until I reach his eyes and now they look different. The green eclipsed by dark dilated pupils that bounce back and forth between my lips and my eyes. There is heat in them. There is a question in them as well and I know I should draw back. I know I should, but I absolutely cannot make myself do it.

“Katie?” He whispers softly. It’s a question and a promise.

His head moves infinitesimally towards mine and like the other half of a magnet, mine inches towards his. That’s all the consent he needs before he closes the small distance and presses his lips to mine. He holds this position for a moment like he is giving me an out if I want to stop this. I don’t. I really freaking don’t so I kiss him back.

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