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After years of writing articles and non-fiction, Michael turned to contemporary fiction writing in 2012.

His first book “Tight Spiral” is a romantic sports drama set in the USA & UK. This is a story of two people who fall in love despite the obstacles and wrongful assumptions in their path.
Michael decided to publish a new edition with over fifty additional pages, which will be available on October 28, 2016 and available now on pre-order. The original story is rated 4.27 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Excerpt from Tight Spiral

On the dance floor, they nailed the first dance mix and when the tempo changed to a slower rhythm, Amy placed her hands on his waist and pulled herself close to him, moving her hips to the song.

“I heard about Yorkshire girls when I was growing up in Cirencester. How forward you are,” he whispered in her ear.

“Complaining?” she whispered back.

“Not at all. In fact, I like it,” he replied, nuzzling his chin gently into her right shoulder.

She rotated her hips, dancing close between his legs, moving up hard to the beat of the music. Just for a split second she felt his hardness brush against her. Amy was losing control, her wild side kicking in fast. Her body was aching for him, her nipples erect, her body tingling from head to foot.

“I have some nice wine back at my place if you can pry yourself away from your mates.”

Harry seemed taken aback for a moment. He paused for a long time, breathing fast in her ear. Then he chewed her ear lobe, whispering the words she was dying to hear. “Yes please.”

They left without passing Harry’s table. Amy texted her mate as they slipped out a side door, Harry’s hands still on her waist. You’re on your own the rest of tonight!

Liz texted back, Have fun! Jealous.

The ride to her flat was excruciating, being so close to him – the fleeting glances, his hand rubbing her thigh.

By the time, they got to the flat Amy had decided to be cool. She unlocked the building door and spun toward him coyly as they went inside.

This wasn’t the guy to emulate some of the popular sex scenes in a movie. He wasn’t about to give her what her animal desires yearned for. She eyed him in the elevator, daring him to push her against the wall and kiss her hard with his tongue deep in her mouth. He didn’t take the bait, but pulled her gently to him, kissing her tenderly instead.

When they got inside her flat, her heart was pounding with the desire to tear off his clothes and have him tear off hers. In her fantasy, he would pick her up, both naked with the slightest of ease, carry her to the bedroom and make wild passionate love to her.

No, she knew it would not be like that. She had taken the lead, been the instigator, seducer all night and with Harry alone for the first time, it would have to be slow.

She poured the wine and they both sat on the sofa, tapping their glasses together in a toast. They talked for what seemed like hours, sharing slow lingering glances and touches.

Amy poured them each a last glass of wine, took a sip and laid her glass on the table. His eyes devoured her, showing how much he fancied her in the new sexy dress. She stood a few feet away from him, smiling softly, head to one side, moving her long hair to fall over one shoulder.

He watched her, hypnotized. “I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Not since my accident.”

That was surprising. A red-blooded young male like Harry? Amy smiled seductively. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” she purred.

Slowly and delicately, she put her hands up her dress, dropped her knickers over her hips and walked out of them toward him. His eyes widened. She unzipped his pants and mounted his lap gently, her eyes looking deeply into his. With one deft movement, he was deep inside her.

Warm, pulsating, so deep inside, she was moving slowly, her hips moving like they had to the song in the nightclub when she’d first felt his want. He groaned softly and buried his face in her hair, biting at her neck. His hands grasped around her waist. She’d known how good this would feel from the moment she’d first met Harry. It was all she could do to keep it slow, to savour the feel of him inside.

After minutes of slow rhythmic sexual bliss the iPod shuffled to a slightly faster song. It was a rap with a powerful throbbing beat. Amy followed the music, her hips rotating harder, gradually becoming faster. She glanced at Harry’s face, satisfied and titillated by the look of exquisite heaven on his features.

Her song selections created a perfect crescendo, a slow and gentle pace, now leading up to immense intensity. They both reached climax exactly at the same time, with the ultimate crash of music, and subsided against each other the moment the song came to an end.

They held each other tight in the pulsing silence for a few minutes. Then Amy stood, taking hold of his hand, and pulled him gently into the bedroom. They made love again, only this time she let Harry take the lead. They both fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime in the night, Amy lay wakeful and naked in bed.

Some days are like diamonds while most are like stones. Yesterday—specifically last night—was a ten-karat day.

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