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Hi, I’m TL Clark; mild admin by day wild clubber by…no wait, that’s the character for the excerpt. Me? I’m a bored/frustrated admin by day, passionate writer when I manage to find the time. I was born and live in the south of the UK. How do you do (imagine a very posh English accent)? 😛

On top of the above awesomeness, I am also a holistic therapist and all round nice person. I love trying to save the planet n’ stuff.

My husband also works full time but ensures I’m fed and don’t live in squalor. He also keeps my wine levels topped up. I think it’s a sort of subduing tactic to be honest. Oh, and we have a spoiled cat who allows us to live with her. 🙂

Excerpt from True’s Love

“Do you ever look just straight in front of you,” she asked.


“You have a way of looking all around you with your eyes.”

He halted and took her hands in his, bringing her to stand right in front of him.

“Maybe I could learn to,” he whispered as he looked her straight in her eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat as she gazed into those dazzling sapphire depths. Their faces drew closer, so they were almost touching. She thought he was going to kiss her, but he turned away.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes. Sorry. I just…I don’t know.”

She pulled him back to her, and gave him no choice. She kissed him. It was tentative at first, searching, seeking, testing. His lips were full and soft. Her hand brushed his lightly stubbled cheek.

She stopped long enough to look into those baby blues to check this was OK. All she saw was wonder, heat and longing. She let her hand keep travelling round to the back of his head, her other hand falling to his firm waist.

She felt his hand cupping her face, as they both deepened the kiss, their tongues interlocking in their own private pirouette. She pulled in tighter, as flames shot through her core, igniting her soul.

She suddenly remembered they were out on the street just as she was about to moan in pleasure. She stopped. She looked at him, trying to catch her breath.


“Do not apologise for that. That was…Amanda, you make me feel things I have never felt. I’m sorry. You probably don’t want me to get mushy.”

“I…I…think it’s OK. I think you can be mushy. Honestly? I’ve not felt that alive in years. It’s like you’ve woken part of me up that I didn’t know was sleeping. I’m sorry. This isn’t exactly first date stuff. And I’m not even sure I’m making sense.”

“Maybe if we had longer we’d be more reserved?”

“Maybe if we had longer I would still be too afraid to do this at all,” she murmured under her breath.

They were both quietly reflective as they wandered down to the marina. They found somewhere to sit down in the shade.

“Come closer,” Michael muttered.

As she edged along he gently pulled her legs so they ended up across his lap, allowing him to gather her into his arms, enveloping her.

“I think all you really need is some TLC.”

He didn’t kiss her. He just held her. Amanda’s head leaned against his chest. They didn’t say anything. They didn’t move. He just sat there, holding her safe in his embrace.

They sat there like that for ages. He could feel her slowly let go of her tension. It wasn’t until he felt her shudder that he moved, and only then it was to delicately lift her chin.

There were salty rivers flowing down her cheeks which he wiped away with his thumb as best he could. He held on tighter, and kissed the top of her head.

“Shhh…I’ve got you,” he said softly.

He started stroking her hair, which calmed her immediately.

“I’m…sorry…I…never…cry…” she sobbed.

“Shhh…it’s OK,” was the only response she got.

He just let her cry herself out. She pulled herself together, and found his hand gently wiping the remnants of her tears away from her face.

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    1. Haha, you saw that TLC, huh?
      Yep, it’s in every book in some shape or form (a little corny, but it’s a cute nod to my pseudonym) ;-p

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