Have you ever participated in a Facebook/Blog takeover?

There are a lot of ways to market these days, from tweeting to Facebook posts to blog interviews to takeovers. Have you ever participated in one? Would you know what to do? I have to say out of all of the market tactics I’ve tried that is not one of them yet. So, I decided to do a little research and find out what I could.

There are lot of things to consider when doing a takeover. Maybe you wouldn’t think so, but yeah, always try to be informed when participating in an event, especially an event on someone else’s site. If you have a Facebook/Blog takeover coming up, this might be a helpful article for you. I know I enjoyed it:)

How to do a Blog Takeover that’ll keep everyone talking!

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💗Queen Amanda

6 thoughts on “Have you ever participated in a Facebook/Blog takeover?

  1. This was a good article!

    I haven’t done a blog takeover – and I’m not even sure how you would, like, book that. But if and when I do, this has some good advice!

  2. Thanks, Princess Jane and Aislinn! I couldn’t pass up this article it was so full of great info. So glad you guys found it helpful as well:)

  3. Queen Amanda! I read this article while doing research for my own as well I have a couple coming up soon so it was very good information! Thank you!!

    1. I’m sorry. I just noticed this! You’re welcome. And thank you for the wealth of information! I truly enjoyed everything you wrote.:)

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