He wants her…

Here’s mine:

I was in trouble. Okay, I wasn’t really in trouble.


Because when she whispered my name in that low, sexy purr…

Something inside of me broke. Hell, it didn’t even break. It crumbled. Into dust.


If you’re an author…

Share a few lines showing your hero’s desire below with ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments! 


Mistress Ann


4 thoughts on “He wants her…

  1. Okay, took me ages to choose this, but I finally settled on this from Two . . .

    Her long red hair pillowed out around her face, silky and shining red and gold as it caught the light. Her complexion was milky white, her skin looked so soft, her lips so full, that Ryan couldn’t wait to take her face in his hands and kiss her until the worried lines in her forehead smoothed away.


  2. He stood with his arms erect against the sink. He glared at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t risk losing her. He wouldn’t do this, not yet. She had to believe in him.

    He ran the cold water tap and splashed his face, and took some deep breaths.
    “Just keep it in your pants,” he commanded the reflection, “try to think. Stop acting like an animal. She must have respect.

    From Young’s Love

  3. This is from Escaping Memories…

    Can I sleep on the floor with you, Logan?” she whispered.
    “When you ask me like that, how in the hell can I refuse?” he said, closing the distance between their lips.
    Her soft moan filtered through his body, zapping him into a hardness he never felt in his life. He wanted her to the point of madness, yet knew he wouldn’t cross that line, even as he pulled her into his arms and gently rolled her to the floor.


  4. Okay, here’s mine from Start Again:

    Katie is like a drug I can’t seem to get enough of, and even though I know I need to quit, I can’t. I’m addicted to this. To her smell, her feel, the way she moves against me, all of it. I want more and I can’t have it, and that just sucks.


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