Hot and bothered

Here’s mine:

“Do you want me to beg, Cale? Because I will.”

A convincing scowl overtook his handsome features as he finally pushed away from the bar and slowly made his way toward me. “No.”

It was pretty darn fortunate I wasn’t wearing any panties. Because the scorching heat of his intense gaze would’ve melted them in a split second.

“Don’t beg. Don’t talk. Don’t make any sudden movements.” He looped an arm around my knees, taking my legs out from under me, which sent me crashing into his lap. “Understand?”

I nodded wordlessly and reached up to trace the scar along his collarbone.

“And don’t touch,” he growled, seizing my wrist. “For God’s sake, Mickey, don’t touch anything.”

If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of your character getting hot and bothered, and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

2 thoughts on “Hot and bothered

  1. Her left hand stung the side of his face. She flailed at him with both fists. He grabbed her wrists. She brought up her knee towards his groin. He shoved her back pinning her against the wall of the smokehouse, with a firm grasp. “I said we are not doing this again,” he growled with his face barely an inch from hers.
    His body pressed against the full length of hers but it was his groin that she felt most acutely. He couldn’t help it, being this close to her. The physical confrontation stirred his blood as the laudanum did hers. Her knees went weak. She could not think. All she could feel was what pressed against her. She wanted…

  2. But that damn distraction was sitting right next to him, bundled so close to his body, it was difficult not to turn and mold her more perfectly to his frame. And she smelled delicious. A sweet scent of vanilla and lavender. Perhaps her shampoo. Or maybe some sort of hairspray as her hair look coiled to perfection. Or his favorite, a lovely fragrance from a perfume bottle. He always loved a woman wearing a light, airy perfume that enticed him to come closer.

    That’s exactly what her scent was doing to him. He wanted to get so close it would be indecent in front of everyone.

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