How to build an author email list and is it even worth the effort?

Is a mailing list really necessary? Like, reeeally? I mean, we already have a bazillion things to do, right? Annnd they’re typically the toughest thing to tackle for most authors, eh? Well…

If you’ve ever had the (dis?)pleasure of speaking to me, I’ve most likely talked your ear off about why I personally believe email lists are invaluable to indie authors. In fact, if I was forced to choose a single “marketing tool” for the rest of time, my humble little email list would be it.

Of course, you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “Yeah, sure, Ann. Looks fine and dandy in theory. But how in the world am I supposed to get subscribers when nobody knows who the heck I am? It’s a catch-22! It’s a conspiracy! It’s like winning the lottery! This isn’t even helpful! Now I’m just more frustrated! Thanks for nothing! I don’t even know why I’m reading this stupid post anymore!!”

Meh. Stop reading then. Ain’t nobody forcing ya. Or maybe, just maybe you might possibly wanna take a peek at these articles:

Part 1: The Power of an Email List and Why it’s a Must


Part 2: Create a Sign Up Incentive that Knocks their Socks Off

Hope that helps you superstars a bit!


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