How to Sell an E-book on Your WordPress Site

Before I ever considered publishing on Amazon, before the thought even crossed my mind to become this strange creature called an author…

I was happily serializing chapters online as I wrote them for a teeny tiny group of crazily loyal readers. Well, when I finished and they asked me to make an e-book version, I simply couldn’t say no. I can never say no to them. Seriously. It’s a problem. Anyhoo, I agreed to whip my posts into a digital copy and sell it on my fiction blog/website. Then I remembered that I didn’t have a single clue about how to do that. But y’all know I’m the master of Googling stuff, right?

Here’s the guide I used:

How to Sell an E-book on Your WordPress Site

Personally, I find it to be a useful tool for creating opt-in incentives (a.k.a. bribes) to gain email subscribers, even if you’re enrolled in Select and exclusive to Amazon. Hope that helps someone somewhere!


Mistress Ann

P.S. My apologies to the non-Wordpress users. Unfortunately for you, I’m a WP lifer 😛

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