How to title a book

Book Titles.

Hmm . . . how do choose one? Do you spend long thinking about it or go with the first thing that pops into your mind? What is a good title? How do you know if what you’ve chosen is a good title? Does it even matter?

So I quite enjoy choosing titles for my books, and I will admit to getting quite attached to them. I usually have them all picked out in the planning phase for each book so that by the time I start writing I’ve already gotten used to my title. But I started wondering about titles and what is a good one, and whether the things I like in a title are actually helpful, I came across this super informative article that I hope will help you guys out too!

How to title a book


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5 thoughts on “How to title a book

  1. This is a great read. It makes me thankful that I changed my title during the editing process. My original title of my book was The Reason and the series would be called Chances Are. I felt that it was mellow and would just blend in. My editor said to definitely change it.

    I noticed I used the word ‘collide’ a couple of times during critical scenes. Then it just clicked. ‘Lives Collide’ and the series turned into the Collide series. It sounds more dramatic and emotional (at least I think so) and the title links better to the book cover.

    Well let’s see how it goes once it is released. Maybe I’m totally wrong.

    1. So pleased you enjoyed the article, Kristina! And so pleased you changed your title to something you’re much happier with! Good luck with your book release I hope everything goes just perfectly!

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