Indie Spotlight Kara Liane

Thank you for this interview!  I’d like to know more about you as a person first.  What do you do when you’re not writing?

First, let me just say thank you for conducting this interview. It is an honor and pleasure to be sharing a snippet of myself with fellow-indies and readers. Yay, I’m excited to be a part of this!

When I’m not writing, I spend time with my sons and husband. We like to go camping, watch family movies, or go out and do a fun activity. I also perform a lot of community service because my hubby and I are big on “paying it forward.” He is active duty in the military, and is also a volunteer EMT and firefighter for our local township; so we are quite busy. I work full-time and if I’m not writing, then I am most definitely reading. OMG books are my life! I’d prefer a book to a movie or TV program any day of the week. I need the escape that only a book can offer when I’m stressed.


When did you start writing?

I wrote poetry in high school and a few essays here and there that won some contests in my teens. I was also the Sports Editor of my high school newspaper. During college, however, I was on hiatus from any type of writing because of my studies; reading and writing held no enjoyment for me during those years. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago, after falling in love with erotic romance novels, that I thought I’d try my hand at writing my own kinky tales; I quickly realized I had a knack for it. I also wrote an essay recently about my adventures with my twins, and being the mom of an autistic son.


In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?

No. I actually used locations and places I was familiar with. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Jersey, so I used those as inspiration.


As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

I think it was a few weeks ago when I finally signed up for a book signing that is scheduled for next year. Not only did I finally have that moment where I said to myself, “I’m finally doing this,” but also it was confirmation that I am getting out there. The event may be a year away, but it’s near and dear to my heart because it’s a venue for authors of military romances. Being a military wife, I was compelled to support it. Anything military-related and related to special needs kiddos, I’m a big supporter of. If one day I gain enough notoriety, I hope to host events as an author in support of the military and special needs children; that is ultimately one of the biggest goals I’m working towards. In the meantime though, I participate in events that well-established authors host, so I can at least help in raising funds and awareness.

What is your favorite part about writing contemporary erotic romance and what is your least favorite?

My favorite part is being able to reach readers in the way I intended to. That is through the love and romance between the characters. When a book stays with you, or clings to your bones and you feel it for days, weeks, or longer, then you know you’ve done your job. Of course not everyone is going to feel that way, but knowing that some readers have felt that way makes me believe I’m on the right path.

The least favorite thing is the stigma or assumptions that exist with regard to this genre. Believe me, I’m all about having hot, steamy encounters with my hubby, but for some reason some people think that if you write erotica, you’re into sinister stuff; that just isn’t the case. Lovers/supporters/fans of this genre tend not to think this way, but outsiders not within the fold of this genre, I think have this misconception about what erotic romance is. It is not dirty, or wrong, or disgusting, or shameful. I think it is love, and beauty, and passion, and soul, and it is my life. I’m an open book, so if anyone ever wants to know anything, they just have to ask.


If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?

I think I’d like to go to Canada and find a great camping spot on the lake. I would love to just stay there for days, and watch my kids play in the water and fish with my hubby. While I watch from afar and type away on my laptop with the sun shining on my face, and the smell of the outdoors filling my senses, I’d find my peace and motivation there.


If you had 4 hours of extra time today, what would you do?

I would like to think I would write. I always say I never have time. I write when I can in between being a military wife and Key Spouse on the base, working full-time as a Lab Tech in a wastewater lab, and tending to my special needs twin boys. My schedule doesn’t always afford me time to write, but I also use that as an excuse too. Time is certainly precious, so I try to use it wisely, but I admit I don’t always adhere to my own advice. I try to write at night or on the weekends, but life gets in the way. I am hoping I set more goals for myself and just write even a couple sentences a night, just so I feel like I’m accomplishing something. My problem is though, I write when my characters are in the mood and talking to me. If they’re snubbing me and don’t want to tell their story, then I can’t write.


Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?

Hmm, I believe in a fantasy world. I’m thinking about dabbling in erotic fantasy next. It’s a scary prospect because I don’t know if I’m that creative to dream up a world in which I have to build from the ground up, but I have an idea floating around that I can’t seem to shake. I guess we’ll see if I’m able to delve into an alternate world and put that world into motion on paper.


Why was writing Playing Heart To Get so important to you?

It was a cathartic experience writing this first book. Not only did I prove to myself that I could actually do it, but once I got feedback from non-bias readers that actually enjoyed it, I knew I was on to something. It was also important because it was pieces of my life that I was able to integrate into a fictitious story. Above all, I wanted the element of romance to shine through; the steamy scenes are an added bonus. But the romance is what you’ll remember and keep thinking about. We all want to be loved like that. We all want to be consumed and devoured by love. I need the escape that only books can offer. As a reader, I want to be taken away to a fantasy world and live in that moment, with those characters, even if it’s just for a little bit. So the action of putting this story out there was life-changing for me.


Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

Ideas come to me at all times of the day and night, and during varying activities. I can be at work, at home, at the store, and BAM! An idea hits me and I either write it down in my journal and expand on it later, or type it in my notes on my phone for a rainy day. Sometimes just words or phrases hit me and I put it down to incorporate later into something I’m currently working on, or will eventually write. I don’t know where the ideas come from or why, I just know I embrace them and put them to use if I’m receiving signs to do so.


What are you currently working on? Do you have any new projects released in the coming months? If so, tell us about them.

Currently working on Novel 2 in my A Tryst of Fate Series, entitled A Force of Nature; Novel 1 (Playing Heart to Get) and Novella 1 (Every Heart Inch) were already released. Novel 2 is going to be released this Fall, if I finish in time. If not, it will be out before the end of the year as I promised my readers; and I will not let them down. Novel 3, (haven’t shared title yet), which is the final book in this series, will be released next year. I am also kicking around the idea of doing another novella somewhere in there. But ultimately, A Force of Nature will be epic because it’s about an Air Force member navigating life and love; he happens to be based on my hottie, hero hubby.

Thank you for the interview, and thank you to all those for reading more about me. I hope to see you around utilizing social media, so stop by and say, “hi,” please!


Part II This or That?

Q: Coffee or Soda? Coffee is my life. Coffee + Book = pure happiness.

Q: Sausage or Bacon? Bacon, bacon, bacon. The answer is always bacon (or chicken in my world, haha).

Q: Alpha male or Rockstar? OMG Alpha male, I’m fanning myself right now.

Q: Salad or Soup? Salad all the way, I’m a rabbit!

Q: Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? Brad Pitt, always and forever, umm have you seen Legends of the Fall?


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