Indie Spotlight Sara Dobie Bauer

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I have a thing for horror movies and Benedict Cumberbatch, so when not writing, I’m usually screaming—for a variety of reasons. I have a hot husband, and we compete over Jeopardy. I have two psychotic (but adorable) dogs that would play fetch until their happy hearts exploded if I let them. Oh, and I read. Everything.

When did you start writing?

When I was a kid, I had a journal. I used to write angst-ridden short stories. I wrote my first novel in high school, and I eventually received a creative writing degree from Ohio University. I guess I’ve been making up stories since birth, but I didn’t become a professional, full-time writer until my upper twenties.

As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

An online fan of mine (looking at you, Megan Gaudino) suggested I check out this publishing house called World Weaver Press. She thought they might like my work. Turns out they did. They signed me for a two-book deal that became the Bite Somebody series.

What made you want to start writing about vampires and werewolves?

I’ve always had a thing for the paranormal (see: horror movie fascination). Thanks to a childhood spent reading Anne Rice, monsters just seemed like fun. I like the idea that there are magical creatures hidden among us. That’s probably why I’m a Harry Potter geek.

I noticed that more of your books are about vampires. Which paranormal creature would you say you have the most fun writing and why?

Oh, vampires, for sure. They’re just … sexy. I’m not saying I want to be bitten in bed, but I want to be bitten in bed. I pretty much achieved the height of fictional fantasy when I created the romantic interest in Bite Somebody Else, Nicholas. Nicholas is a 350-year-old posh British vampire who was one known as The Great Lover. Wouldn’t throw him out of my bed, no way.

If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?

A porch on the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. I used to live there, and there’s something so romantic about being in an old city by the sea. A close second would be a hut on the beach of Ambergris Caye, Belize, but based on the amount of rum I drank there during my honeymoon, I probably wouldn’t get anything done.

If you had 4 hours of extra time today, what would you do?

Drink absinthe and watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?

I’ve set stories in all the places I’ve lived: Charleston, Phoenix, and the myriad Ohio locations (Perrysburg, Cleveland, and Athens). Plus, the Bite Somebody series takes place down in Longboat Key, Florida—the destination of my annual pilgrimage. I’ve never set a story in Florence, Italy, and I loved visiting there. Maybe that’s next: a story rife with mysterious French strangers, all-night clubs, and hostels that inexplicably close at midnight.

Back to your present book, Bite Somebody Else, how did you publish it?

As I mentioned, Megan Gaudino suggested World Weaver Press, and miraculously, they wanted two books. They bought Bite Somebody and asked for a second. Funny thing: I didn’t have a second book. Bite Somebody Else miraculously grew out of a character (Imogene) and a big, fat light bulb of romantic creativity.

In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?

Longboat Key, baby. I go down to Florida every spring with my Aunt Susie, and we party and flirt with locals. The idea for the Bite Somebody series appeared while I sat on the beach, sipping rum punch—the best research I’ve ever done.

Why was writing Bite Somebody Else so important to you?

In the first book of the series (Bite Somebody), Imogene is the garden shears-wielding, blood-sucking sidekick. In Bite Somebody Else, she takes center stage … and, surprisingly, falls in love. It was important to write her story because, in the first book, it’s impossible to picture her going soft for a guy. Then, she does, which goes to show love can happen—to anyone, at anytime, in any circumstance. Love happens when you least expect it, and I can vouch for that personally. I met my husband in a bar, and I always said I’d never marry a guy I met in a bar. Whoops.

Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

In the car while listening to music or at the gym while lifting weights. It’s kind of like looking for love: you find it when you least expect it. Ideas are the same. They show up and start moving things around in your brain without conscious consent.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any new projects released in the coming months? If so, tell us about them.

At this second, I’m on a break because BOOK PROMO. Promoting a new book is a full-time job, let me tell you. In the coming weeks, though, I’ll be rewriting an old manuscript of mine. In the coming months, I have stories coming out in Stoneslide Corrective, a ghost anthology, a witch anthology, and a vampire anthology. (See? Gotta love the paranormal.) In 2018, I have a three novella series coming out with Pen and Kink Publishing. You can keep up with upcoming projects on my website (, and I’m all over social media.

Part II
Q: Swimming in a lake or the ocean??

Ocean, just like the vampires in the Bite Somebody series.

Q: Football or Baseball?
Football. I met almost all my ex-boyfriends due to my obnoxious football-watching behavior. (Apparently, I’m cute when I’m angry.) Mention the Steelers or Wolverines, and I’ll hug you.

Q: Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Brad Pitt. Pretty sure watching him in A River Runs Through It in seventh grade jump-started my womanhood.

Q: One long vacation or several short mini vacations?
One long vacation. I actually hate traveling, so the less movement (especially on a plane), the better.

Q: Your life is a movie would you rather be cast for an Action movie or a Comedy?
Comedy. I’m a sucker for a good laugh.

About Bite Somebody Else:
Imogene helped her newbie vampire friend Celia hook up with an adorable human, but now Celia has dropped an atomic bomb of surprise: she has a possibly blood-sucking baby on the way. Imogene is not pleased, especially when a mysterious, ancient, and annoyingly gorgeous vampire historian shows up to monitor Celia’s unprecedented pregnancy.

Lord Nicholas Christopher Cuthbert III is everything Imogene hates: posh, mannerly, and totally uninterested in her. Plus, she thinks he’s hiding something. So what if he smells like a fresh garden and looks like a rich boarding school kid just begging to be debauched? Imogene has self-control. Or something.

As Celia’s pregnancy progresses at a freakishly fast pace, Imogene and Nicholas play an ever-escalating game of will they or won’t they, until his sexy maker shows up on Admiral Key, forcing Nicholas to reveal his true intentions toward Celia’s soon-to-arrive infant.

Author bio:
Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she’d really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is a member of RWA and author of the paranormal rom-com Bite Somebody, among other ridiculously entertaining things.


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