SPOTLIGHT: Aislinn Kearns

Are you ready for another great interview? We have the lovely Aislinn Kearns with us today. She is a romantic suspense writer. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Aislinn! So excited to have you here on Love Indie Romance. Tell us about yourself. I see you’re a romantic suspense writer.

Hey, thanks so much for having me! (Romantic suspense writers unite!) There’s not much to tell. I’m Australian, I started reading and writing at a young age, and am now pursuing my passion of being an author! It’s been a long time coming, and I’m really excited to see what happens from here.

I read Soldiering On: Soldiering On #0.5. What a great prequel! You have a lot of diverse things going on in the series. Where did the inspiration come from?

Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I’ve always loved wounded hero romances, and to be honest I just wanted an excuse to write a whole series of them! I thought that my writing style would fit with the romantic suspense genre – I’m quite pacy, and tend to lose patience with long descriptions and such. (Maybe too much so!) It all just seemed like a natural fit.

The prequel starts out with some subtle heat simmering between Duncan and Mandy. The first book in the series is between Paul and Christine. What made you not continue to give Duncan and Mandy their complete story first?

I actually started writing Station Alpha (Paul and Christine’s book) first. After I finished that, I went back to write the prequel to set up the world. I’d already had the idea for the prequel, but I wanted to test out a full-length book first before writing it.

Their specific partnership was born because I wanted a relationship that had a bit more of a slow burn to round out the series, and hopefully keep the readers coming back for more. Also, I wanted something that would balance the main action of each book, so I could cut away from the main characters and their struggles if I felt the audience needed a breather. (Plus, they often see the bigger picture of events that our leads might not, so they can expand the world, too). Some authors do that by having villian POV, but I’m not always a fan of that. So the romantic tension between Duncan and Mandy was born!

Duncan and Mandy do get a HFN ending in Christmas Tango, and then their full-length book will finish off the series and tie all the main plot threads together.

Do you have a timeline when this series will be completed? Any other great series in the works?

If I can get my act together, I am hoping that the Soldiering On series will be completed late this year (with Duncan and Mandy’s book.) First I have to get Zack’s and Sam’s out, though! Destiny’s book will come after that, either as a standalone or to launch a new series set in her precinct. I am also considering doing a spin-off of Soldiering On that would take new characters to more international locations. Since I am using the NATO alphabet in all my titles, I can have 26 books before I need to stop. 😀

I am also going to have a non-suspense contemporary romance release this year, and I have a historical romance series on the back burner that I might save until 2018. Eventually, I will most likely write in all romance subgenres, from steampunk to contemporary to sci fi! In other words, I’m a planner. 😛

I really enjoyed Mandy. First, because her name is awesome! Plus, she has such strength and determination. Great qualities. Do you have a favorite character? Why?

Thank you! I’m glad she lived up to her name! *winks* I think Sam is probably my favourite, in that she’s a much more awesome version of myself. I had to sideline her for a few books because she tended to take over for me when she was on the page! But I also really loved writing Blake, the hero in Guarding Sierra. I don’t often write characters that are confident and charming, so he was a nice challenge and a lot of fun.

What’s it like being an indie author? Highs? Lows? Favorite Parts?

I love it! I work to my own schedule, and make all the decisions, and can try new things at a drop of a hat. The hardest part is, of course, discoverability, and getting your name out there. But I like to think I’m doing ok, considering! It’s definitely important to have a support network, though, or it can get very lonely and frustrating. I’m lucky to have found some great online communities, including this one!

Your profile indicates you’re an Australian Expat living in Qatar. Some people might not know what an Expat is. Can you tell us?

An expat is basically an immigrant, though there is a certain ‘temporary’ connotation to the word. (Also, funnily enough, almost always applies to westerners). I’ve been living here in Qatar for two years, but it was never meant to be a permanent move. It’s been an interesting experience, though.

Crazy question time! Have you ever swam in the Persian Gulf?

Yes! Qatar is a desert, but it’s right on the ocean. (Makes for some crazy humidity!) Although in Qatar they prefer to know it as the Arabian Gulf. They feel some ownership over it. 😀

Any last thoughts?

Thanks so much for having me! These have been great questions.


Thank you so much for joining us, Aislinn! If you want to connect with Aislinn, or check out her Soldiering On series, just click those beautiful links below.


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  1. Wonderful interview! I love Aussies and being an Expat is a big dream of mine too 😉 Love having you around the board!


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