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This weekend we have the delightful Bree Verity with us. She writes contemporary and historical romance. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Bree! So glad to have you here on Love Indie Romance. Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in the southeast of Australia where there is a saying – “If you can’t see the hills, it’s going to rain, if you can see the hills, it’s raining.” Because it’s kinda miserable there, my sisters and I spent much of our time inside, and so we grew up on a diet of romance movies and musicals, Georgette Heyer novels and lots and lots of cats. Now, I have two rescue dogs, but I don’t tell them about my wicked past as a cat owner. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my favorite son (he’s my only son) and my favorite partner (he’s my only partner). I started writing in all seriousness about two years ago, although I’ve been writing since I was a wee thing. And I love it!

I’ve read two of your books (both great, by the way) in the A Perth Girls Novel series. Where did your inspiration come from? How many total books will be in this series?

Amanda and Lydia are the first two books in the Perth Girls series – when I first started writing, I took to heart the instruction: “Write What You Know.” I knew Perth, I’d done some dating in Perth, so it made sense that my first romance novels would be set there! There are four books in the series – Desiree is written and awaiting serious editing and Penny is still a synopsis in my head! I have an idea for a second set of four as well – after all, there are plenty of Perth Girls to go around!!

Amanda (A Perth Girls Novel) is a shorter novel than Lydia and Desiree. Is there a particular reason behind that? Or do write what the story calls for? (I was sad to see it end.)

So glad you didn’t want it to end! That’s what we writers count on – you finish the first one, and you *HAF* to go get the next one!! Amanda is a novelette because of that exact reason – she is the lead-in to the rest of the series, and was specifically written as a novelette.

You currently live in Perth, Australia yourself. For someone who’s never been to Australia, tell us a little bit about it. What’s your favorite part?

Australia is a massive country with a big, mostly unliveable desert in the middle. The people tend to congregate around the edges, where the sea and cool breezes are. Perth is 3,288 km (2,043 mi) from Sydney, which makes us pretty isolated from the rest of Australia – you can jump around the east coast of Australia (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane) within an hour by plane, but if you want to go there from Perth you’re looking at flying for four or five hours. Perth is very laid back, more like a big country town than a city. My very favorite part of Australia is our ‘She’ll be Right, Mate!’ attitude – Australians are chilled. And I love our sense of humor, which is usually fairly naughty 🙂

You write contemporary and historical romances. Which is your favorite? How hard is it to write historical?

Historical is by far my favorite – all of the romances I read as a teenager were historical, and I love to research. It’s so easy to get lost in another time period when you have all the resources of the internet at your fingertips! As for writing historical – it’s not difficult, however there are a bunch of authors at the moment who write ‘historical’ but don’t put time into making sure the details are correct, or even that they aren’t using modern phrases – and THAT’S where the difficulty lies. Historical readers get a bit shirty when there’s not enough history in their historicals!

What are you working on right now? Are you a plotter or pantser?

I’ve just finished a novelette called The Viscount’s Valentine, which everyone can get FOR FREE! if you sign up to my newsletter! Which means I am back to work on the massive edits of my first historical novel, The Hidden Duchess, which I will be self-publishing in June/July. I am most definitely a plotter. If I don’t plot, I end up spending twenty years writing a book… not even a joke! I started writing The Hidden Duchess before I got married, and I was married for 10 years and been divorced for 8!! And it’s still not finished!!

What would you say the best thing about being an indie author is?

Variety. I’ve always been someone who couldn’t do the same task day-in-day-out. Even writing would become a chore if I had to do it all the time! So being an indie, I get to write, create marketing campaigns, do PR stuff, swap what I’m writing right in the middle, build my own covers, go out for coffee when I need to, work out pricing, budgets, conversions, and I can stop doing everything else and just read if I want to. But then, that’s also the downside. There are only 24 hours in a day, and even if I were to spend 23 of them on author-y stuff, I’d still not get everything done!! All those time-travel novels I’ve read – surely by now SOMEONE has built a time machine!!

You blog occasionally, how do you decide what to blog about?

I try really hard to blog each week, though sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and I don’t stress about it. My blog is my space to talk about what I’m thinking about. It’s pretty random, but it will usually be something that my partner and I have talked about in the last couple of weeks, or something that’s been going around in my head… I like to keep it positive, or at least neutral, so I don’t really do politics or anything like that on there, however I might have to post something soon about how hard it is to write fiction when fiction is becoming reality! Future posts will include some of my historical research, to give some background for my books, but mostly, it’ll just be Bree’s Brain Farts!!

Crazy question time! You hate cooking, but you’re great cook. What is your favorite dish to create?

You did get that I hate to cook right?? That means I don’t have any favorites!! The easier and the quicker the better!! Having said that, I’ve just recently been thinking about the things my Mum used to make when I was a kid, so I’ve been making stuff like curried sausages, and cottage pie, and bread and butter pudding. I tend not to follow recipes very much… so some of my efforts are sloppy disasters!!

Any last thoughts?

Being an author can be a lonely and solitary job, so having groups like Love Indie Romance is the best thing ever. While I don’t get to see too many other authors in real life, I have so many friends and resources online, it’s totally amazing. And I can talk to my readers, answer questions, beg them for reviews (!) and fangirl other writers easily as well. So my advice to everyone is be nice to your authors! Put a smile on their faces, the same way they put a smile on yours. Oh, and buy my books! And review them! xoxo


Thank you so much for joining us, Bree! If you want to connect with Bree, or check out her A Perth Girls Novel series, just click those beautiful links below.


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