Welcome to Spotlight Saturday where we’ll be interviewing a new author every Saturday. Our first wonderful guest to join us is Emma Jaye. She writes in several romance genres from contemporary to sci-fi to paranormal and fantasy. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Emma! So glad to have you here at Love Indie Romance. Tell us a little about yourself. (The down and dirty version. *wink* Oh, wait, this isn’t one of your steamy stories. *giggles* The clean version is fine.)

Essentially, I’m nosy and obsessed with sex, in the nicest possible way. Sexual attraction is a fundamental aspect of all living things that has always fascinated me. I moved from writing essays on the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of animal and human reproduction to writing fiction after papering the ‘smallest room in the house’ with degree certificates.

I’ve been a tropical fish farmer, a pet products development scientist, a preschool teacher, a lab tech, and an academic tutor and course writer before deciding to write down some of the daydreams that had been bugging me for years.

My books range from contemporary to sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy, and often involve characters with different patterns of social/romantic interaction than are generally considered ‘normal’. All my stories contain steamy scenes, angst, and sometimes violence. If you’re looking for sweet and cosy, traditional m/f romances, trot on.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve ever written? Which one? (I haven’t read one yet, but I’m loving the book covers for Paint and the Naughty or Nice? series.)

My favourite is always the one I’m due to write next. The characters keep knocking on the inside of my head, wanting to get out. However, I do have a few favourite characters, Hal and Azrica from Hybrid, Nick, Sasha and Max from Call Girls, and Chris from Paint. The common denominator is that they are all unashamed of their desires.

You’ve written a lot of stories, tell us what you’re working on now.

I’m torn as to what to concentrate on once I finish a novella for next release which will be ‘Lust in Spring’. My options include another book in the sci-fi Hybrid series, one in the contemporary Call Girls series or the third book in the m/m dark romance ‘Paint’ series. Feel free to contact me and vote for your favourite.

You write paranormal, scifi, and contemporary all with varying themes. Where do your story ideas come from?

I have a not so guilty passion for trolling image and premade book cover sites. There is a lot of inspiration for a fertile imagination out there. Not to mention the endless variety of how humanity and the animal kingdom deal with sexual urges. Right now, I’m toying with a project inspired by a species of fish that can change gender according to need.

How long have you been publishing and what’s it like being an indie author? Highs? Lows?

My first book was an early version of Discovery (Hybrid #1) back in 2011. Those first stumbling efforts were a low point. I learned the lessons that you CANNOT proofread your own writing and that beta readers are essential the hard way.

Highs are when you find out you’ve touched someone with your work, made them read long into the night because they have to know what happens or bring them to laughter or tears with the strength of the characters.

You are a busy gal! Slow down. Hahaha. I love your ambition. You also run a Goodreads group for reviews. How did you start that and what do you love most about it?

I’ve got fingers in a lot of pies! The review group is the largest peer review group on Goodreads and is a place where indie authors of all genres and nationalities give and receive honest, non-reciprocal reviews.  I joined as a normal member in Dec 2013, was a moderator by January and ‘in charge’ by May 2014 as I was the one idiotic enough to take it on. Since then, I’ve introduced genre reviews, a one for one option and recruited other mods so we can hold more groups.

Helping indie authors, people who were in the same situation as me a few years ago, is rewarding. The hard part is dealing with authors who have received less than stellar reviews, although the vast majority take a deep breath after the initial devastation and pull up their big ‘boy/girl’ panties and look how they can improve.

I also provide beta reading and copy editing services. I wouldn’t change what I do for the world; not many people get to turn their hobby, their passion, into a full-time job. I’m a very lucky gal!

You don’t always write the “typical” romance with M/F, you mix it up with M/M, M/F/M (which is always fun). What is your favorite to write?

You’re right, sweet m/f romance is not my thing. I can’t help pushing the boundaries of ‘normal’ just to see how my characters will react. In Hybrid, I turned the biological norm of one male to several females on its head. In Call girls, I took the perception that sex workers are exploited and to be pitied and did the same thing. My call girls are powerful, self-determining women.

Over the years, I’ve added a few bi male characters, Nick in Call girls, Hal in Hybrid, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing them. The Paint series is my first attempt at a completely m/m story, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Although I will continue to write central female characters, I seem to be moving more towards m/m right now.

What’s your favorite part about being an indie author?

Being in control of what I write. I let my muse take me wherever he wishes, from other worlds with cat-like polyamorous aliens, to a BDSM dungeon in Brighton, a tropical island filled with sexy supernatural beings or Christmas fairies at the North Pole.

Crazy question time! Are you naughty or nice? (Hahaha. Seriously, I love that series name.)

In real life… mostly nice.  I save the naughtiness for my characters!

Any last thoughts?

Firstly, a little plea on behalf of my fellow authors. Did you know that only about one in five hundred plus books sold results in a review? Yet most people check reviews of a book before buying online. Help your fellow readers out by pointing out what you liked or didn’t like about a book, one man’s meat is often another man’s poison. It’s one of the reasons I write reviews, the best way to encourage people is by example.

Secondly, I’m always baffled when people assume I have personal experience of the some of the subjects I cover in my books. Just because I’ve written about call girls, or described sleeping with multiple partners, it doesn’t mean I’ve participated in such activities. I’ve written Sci-Fi and paranormal stories too; it doesn’t mean I have tea and biscuits with sex demons, Christmas fairies and sexy fanged aliens every afternoon…

It doesn’t mean I haven’t either.


Thank you so much for joining us, Emma! If you want to connect with Emma, or check out the latest series she has published, just click those beautiful links below.


7 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: Emma Jaye

  1. I urge any authors that toying with idea of doing an interview with Loveindieromance to step right up. it was a fun process and the ladies here at Loveindieromance are all incredibly cheerful and supportive. Come on, sign up, you’ll regret it if you don’t!

  2. I was always curious to know more about you Emma, your books and how do you manage to put feet in so many shoes. I hope I’ve used the right metaphor here. *** grins ***.

    This interview indeed gave me a deep insight about you and the efforts you put in handling things flawlessly. Indeed a Great One! Cheers ! Keep rocking!!!

    1. Aw, thanks Mariyam,
      it might look flawless (it really isn’t) on the surface, but there is a great deal of ungainly paddling going on underneath.
      Keep paddling folks!

  3. Emma, glad to read your interview! I’m really impressed with this group and website. It’s great getting to know you!

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