SPOTLIGHT: Kim Padgett-Clarke

Another beautiful Saturday with another great author. Today we have Kim Padgett-Clarke joining us. Let’s find out more…

So glad to have you on Love Indie Romance, Kim! Tell us about yourself.

I live in Blackpool in the UK with my husband Graham. In my spare time I like reading, watching films and long walks in the country. I love historical places and the paranormal so my ideal day would be touring around an ancient castle that had at least one ghost!

Your recent novel, Made of Glass, is a darker romance. Describe how dark it is. What can a reader expect from it?

Made of Glass starts out as a boy meets girl romance but as the story progresses Daniel’s darker side begins to emerge. His charming façade begins to unravel and Clare becomes aware that the real Daniel is quite a dangerous young man. I have put a warning on the Amazon description as there is a scene which has quite graphic violence and another involving abuse.

Clare, one of the main characters in Made of Glass has epilepsy. How difficult was it to write a character with a chronic disorder like that? Describe what kind of research that involved.

I didn’t have to do any research on epilepsy as I have the condition myself. Unlike Clare, who has lived with it all her life, mine came on later in life and is medication controlled. I think it gives me more insight when writing about someone with this condition, such as the sheer frustration at not being able to control your own body, and how it can blight your life. I hope I have also portrayed with Clare that as with a lot of disabilities, people have a way of coping with them.

Based on the blurb for Made of Glass, Daniel, another main character, is controlling. Depicting that kind of character could be challenging. Describe how you fleshed out this kind of character.

I have worked in organisations that deal with vulnerable people. Some of the cases involved partnerships where one person uses that vulnerability to control the other person. In most instances the abuser has issues in their own backgrounds that triggered a controlling pattern of behaviour. In Daniel’s case, his birth mother and adoptive mother left mental scars that sours his attitude to women, and fuels his need to be in control.

You’ve written over 70 short stories. What kind of short stories and how long were they? Have you ever published any of these stories?

I started off writing horror stories because I read a lot of Stephen King novels. I don’t like to stick to one particular genre though so I experimented with different genres apart from fantasy and sci-fi. Most of my stories were published in indie magazines but I had a couple in anthologies. The length of the story depended on the type of magazine. Some were booklet style so the word limit was quite small. Payment was a copy of the publication that the story appeared in. I keep them in a box in the loft.

Between a full-length novel and a short story, which one do you prefer to write? Why? Which do you find easier to write?

I like writing both equally, however I think short stories are a little harder to write as you always have to think about the length or it may go from a short story to a novella. With a novel, the sky is the limit when it comes to word count so there is more opportunity to explore a story to the max.

You’re from Blackpool, England. For someone who’s never been there before, how would you best describe it?

Blackpool is the number one seaside resort in the UK. The whole town is built around people having fun. In the summer the place is really buzzing with millions of visitors from all over the world. Blackpool attracts top musicals, and performers, so there is always something going on. Tim Burton liked it so much that he filmed part of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children here. Having Samuel L. Jackson in town caused quite a stir!

How long have you been writing? Having written so many short stories, and two full-length novels, describe how you balance your writing time.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. As a child I had a vast amount of small red notebooks crammed full of stories. When I start a new novel I will devote the whole day to writing and chores and social things get moved to weekends. I don’t write in the evenings as I just want to relax and think about something else. When I have finished the first draft I always leave approximately a month before I go back to it again. That way I am looking at the story with a fresh mind and I find it easier to spot mistakes.

Crazy question time! If you could live anywhere, anytime period, where would you live? Why?

I would have been a hippie in the swinging sixties. Preferably somewhere like sunny California where that lifestyle must have seemed like heaven! There were so many revolutionary things going on at that time. It must have been so exciting to have been part of that.

Any last thoughts?

If anyone asked me for my philosophy on writing I would say that whether you are writing for yourself, or for a wider audience, just enjoy the journey.


Thank you so much for joining us, Kim! If you want to connect with Kim, or check out Made of Glass, just click those beautiful links below.


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